Introducing “Building Equality”: Empowering Women in Construction for a Sustainable Future by Lisa M. Ryba

November 09 22:45 2023

In a world where construction shapes our cities and nations, author Lisa M. Ryba invites you to explore “Building Equality: Empowering Women in Construction for a Sustainable Future.” This insightful book is not just a comprehensive resource; it’s a rallying cry for change within the construction industry, highlighting opportunities not just in construction but also in sustainable practices.

With a background as a Controller for a construction company in Central Oregon, Lisa M. Ryba brings a unique perspective to her examination of the current landscape for women in construction. Her journey began with a strong curiosity about women in construction and the apparent scarcity of resources addressing this topic in a comprehensive manner. Fueled by a desire to shed light on the challenges women face in construction and sustainable practices within the industry, Ryba embarked on a mission to gather invaluable insights and compile them in “Building Equality.”

“Building Equality” is a culmination of meticulous research, personal anecdotes, and a deep desire to bridge the gender gap in the construction sector while also exploring sustainable construction practices. Ryba’s work offers a poignant exploration of the challenges women face in this male-dominated field and the sustainable avenues where they can contribute and grow.

Lisa M. Ryba: “From the outset, ‘Building Equality’ was conceived as a dual-purpose endeavor — to empower women in construction and to spotlight sustainable construction techniques and processes where women can excel.”

The book’s chapters are meticulously structured to address the multifaceted aspects of women’s roles in construction, touching upon sustainable practices that can pave the way for a more eco-conscious industry. It explores historical and present-day statistics, offering a sobering view of the industry’s progress, and shines a light on the promising strides being made in sustainable construction. Ryba’s work also uncovers the supportive organizations, training programs, mentorship opportunities, and networking avenues that are pivotal in promoting gender equality and sustainable practices.

Lisa M. Ryba: “While my book sheds light on the challenges women face in construction, it also underscores the potential for a more sustainable future within the industry. It’s not just about addressing issues; it’s about providing holistic solutions and making my book a unique resource.”

“Building Equality” resonates with individuals and organizations invested in creating a more diverse and sustainable construction industry. It reveals the untold stories and challenges faced by women while highlighting the pivotal role they can play in sustainable construction practices.

About the Author:

Lisa M. Ryba is a Controller for a construction company based in Central Oregon. Her passion for empowering women in construction led her to write “Building Equality.” Lisa’s unique position within the industry allowed her to gather insights from diverse perspectives, contributing to the depth and richness of her work.

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