Travel Safety Experts Launch New Travel Safety Tracking Services for Business and Leisure Travellers

March 10 15:50 2015

Turn your mobile or satellite phone into your personal travel safety tracking and support device. Quickly and simply share your location with family, friends, colleagues and now travel health, safety, security and risk management professionals too!
Instead of paying thousands of dollars in set up costs for expensive business travel safety tracking systems that only track travellers based on itineraries and travel booking data, Intelligent Travel now offers a fast, simple, user friendly and cost effective travel safety tracking and update system for business and leisure travellers, that can be set up in under 1 minute. The new individual travel safety tracking solution works with most smartphones.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 10 Mar, 2015 –­­ Intelligent Travel recently introduced a service called Travel Safety Tracking that will enable travellers to travel safely for business or leisure. Intelligent Travel’s latest innovation is the first of its kind to not only include the flexibility for all travellers to use different or preferred apps to share their location as required, which is important because travellers can use what they are most familiar or comfortable with, without having to learn or install new and complex mobile applications, but it will also help travellers and their company implement a travel safety tracking procedure within minutes which is huge because it is consistent with international “lone worker” and travel safety risk management standards and can be applied without the usual company procurement delays and approvals.

The team at Intelligent Travel were fed up. They’d heard similar stories from travellers who where struggling with this common problem. You probably know the feeling since you may have tried purchasing existing travel tracking services, only to find they are just booking and itinerary-based tools that update based on where you “planned” to travel, not where you are right now, and where you will be in 30 minutes! Others had tried new, purpose designed devices that transmit your location, which just resulted in spending a lot of money for something they use infrequently or requires additional costs for support. Not only that, but they also may have tried business policies and procedures as a means of travel safety management, which only led to even more company paperwork but no actual result that tracked your specific location and confirms you’re okay. Unfortunately, they may have even tried calling in to tell people where they are on a routine basis which just ended up overwhelming businesses, not to mention is often not convenient or they just forget and the system quickly falis.

When Intelligent Travel was able to share the location of just about any business or leisure traveller, they realized they could not keep this information to themselves. Revealing this solution meant helping travellers and businesses so they’re finally able to travel confidently and manage safety for business and leisure travellers.

Tony Ridley, a Travel Safety Professional who is now able to pay for travel safety tracking only if/when needed, can quickly convert existing smartphone or satellite devices into personal travel safety tracking tools and travel for business and leisure, while updating or sharing his current location with a dedicated travel safety support desk as required, to keep them informed of his location and that I he is safe, insists there is no better time to convert in Travel Safety Tracking. Anxious to see others achieve the same results, Tony Ridley highly recommends visiting

This website provides a wealth of information for travellers so that they can finally get a fast, simple and effective travel tracking solution they are looking for. Travellers won’t have to invest in a purpose built device that does nothing but report their location,  which will typically cost well over $1,500. Alternatively, they could sign up for an expensive company-wide travel tracking system that they only use once-in-a-while which isn’t advised either, since they’re likely fork out over $10,000 for these outdated systems.

To learn more about how to travel safely quickly and effectively for business or leisure, please visit for information. Be sure to check this out soon, as they are only offering this service to a limited number of travellers. This is because they are only allowing access as part of their international product launch. Intelligent Travel looks forward to helping travellers and travel agents provide improved travel safety solutions to both business and leisure travellers. 

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