Boolean Tech (Ireland) Limited Announces Official Launch of ShieldMe-CE, World’s Very First Corporate Calling and Messaging App for Secure Communication

March 02 18:54 2015
ShieldMe-CE is a highly advanced mobile privacy platform that enables corporates to enable employees to interact and connect with complete security and privacy!

March 02, 2015 – Los Angeles, US – Boolean Tech (Ireland), one of the leading mobile privacy companies, today released their latest revolutionary mobile privacy platform, ShieldMe-CE, for the public. Currently available in beta version, its fully developed final version is expected to be available in the US market shortly. ShieldMe-CE, like the name suggests, shields communication within the company by allowing the employees to communicate with each other in a highly secure and confidential manner, with complete corporate control on who can call and who cannot call. Individual employees have control on when they can be reached using the Time-to-Call feature. ShieldMe-CE is also integrated with social elements such as Photos and Comments.

World’s First Secure Corporate Communication Suite, Complete with Encrypted Chat and Toll-Quality Voice.”

In today’s age of technology, where everything happens online, it has become quite crucial for the businesses and organizations to safeguard their data. This can only be done if they succeed in preventing hacking, tapping or leakage of information. However, the emerging BYOD culture and recent incidents of corporate espionage have once again proven that communications which take place within an organization are still not safe, and all the safety measures and available mobile privacy platforms are futile. The good news is that Boolean Tech (Ireland) has found a perfect solution for it, which will end leakage of information from within an organization, once and for all. They have launched ShieldMe-CE, a secure corporate exchange that ensures safe and highly secure communication – calling and messaging – between employees.

Some of the key features of ShieldMe-CE are:

• Users have granular control over their corporate communications, allowing them to decide who can call them and when they can call.

• Connection is on one-to-one basis – preventing third party intrusions and giving users the control to disconnect anytime.

• Communicate without revealing actual mobile number – absolute protection over personal information.

• Shields the location of user.

• Secure dedicated access for Corporate HR/ CIO to manage employees and their access rights, in sync with audit and compliance systems.

• Best-in-class encrypted chat with HIPA compliance.

• Voice calls are telcoquality – pure PSTN calls with assured QOS.

• Network independent and works on GSM/CDMA.

• Unlimited talk time with unlimited connections – FREE with the service.

• No more hacks or illegal taps on corporate communications.

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Boolean Tech (Ireland) is a premier mobile privacy company that strives to provide individuals with the peace of mind by allowing them to enjoy personal communication in a highly reliable and private manner. Boolean Tech (Ireland) is also the owner and operator of StitMe (a secure and free mobile privacy app) and ShieldMe (a B2B integration platform to enable privacy-protected communication for businesses).

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