AnyFlip Delivers a Revolutionary Flash eBook Maker to the Digital Content Market

February 09 11:02 2015

PDF to flash eBook
The latest flash eBook maker allows people to make their digital publications engaging with realistic effects online with ease.

AnyFlip, the definitive solution to flash e-book production for the 21st century, today announced the launch of its new flash eBook maker platform designed specifically for digital publishers and marketers. AnyFlip provides websites, bloggers, and other writers with the ultimate option for producing beautiful and compelling e-books from simple PDF conversion, giving readers an experience that matches the feeling of reading a printed product.

“With the arrival of the information age and the rapid progression of digital publishing, informational products such as magazines have never been more important in leveraging a company or brand’s message,” Jason Chen, CEO of AnyFlip says. “Digital magazines are quickly becoming one of the most effective tools to accomplish this, and we expect our platform will be the only option publishers will use once they see the power it offers.”

Creating beautiful digital publications with AnyFlip is astoundingly simple. Users quickly upload a PDF and convert it into a realistic Flash and HTML5 flipbook in only a few minutes.

From there, the reading experience mimics the look and feel of a print magazine almost identically, and even includes sound effects which completely immerse the reader as if they are reading a print product.

AnyFlip goes a step further by giving publishers the option of including interactive features in their publications, greatly enhancing the publication’s value and impact on audiences.

As the viability of print publishing continues to dry up, a strong digital publishing solution has never been more important and AnyFlip is the only trusted solution for firms seeking to build a strong digital strategy.

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