Jack Mize, Host of Influencers Radio, Featured on Jason Swenk Digital Preneur Podcast

January 06 14:58 2015
Jack Mize, Host of Influencers Radio, was the featured guest on Jason Swenk’s Digital Preneur show. He discusses how to build authority to gain clients.

Jack Mize, Host of Influencers Radio, was the featured guest on Jason Swenk’s Digtial Preneur discussing how to build authority to gain clients.

Mize explains that being on the front page of Google is not what’s most important when he says, “It may sound like blasphemy, but it’s true. Most people think “I need more traffic,” but when you really look at the numbers it’s probably not that you don’t have enough traffic. It’s that the traffic doesn’t have a compelling reason to pick you. Spending money on pay-per-click and SEO is okay, but you need to start focusing more on building your authority and less on getting to Google’s front page.”

According to Mize, it is not necessary for anyone to call themselves an expert. Instead, experts need to the focus on becoming an educator and advocate for their clients. Educators and advocates have a much better position than experts – they help their clients learn, as well as propel them to success.

“Speaking to prospects from this stance allows other people to call you the expert and spread the word on your behalf,” says Mize.

When building authority, no one needs to start from scratch. Finding something to do in a new way, or putting a personal spin on it, helps build authority in a specific niche.

Mize cautions, “Be sure you’re giving the customer what they want, not what you want them to want. Trying to convince someone they want what you have is hard. Instead, you need to convince them you have what they want.”

To achieve this, Mize compares experts in any niche to doctors. Doctors do not provide a list of their services to patients and ask them to select one. Doctors have authority. All experts should be like doctors: listen to clients’ problems, diagnose the issue, and prescribe a solution.

Mize also suggests preparing answers to questions that prospects will likely have. An authority will understand their clients’ problems, will be qualified to solve the problems, can work with clients in unique situations, and will allow clients to find out more information with no risk.

Continue to build authority by creating an event, such as writing a book or doing a podcast. These events will educate prospects and further build authority.

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