Hydrobee – Innovation that Brings Renewable Energy to the World

January 05 13:44 2015
Personal Power Plant People Can Use Anywhere, Even Off the Grid

Seattle, WA – Jan 05, 2015 – Hydrobee SPC, widely recognized as an emerging clean energy start-up company, has launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to get their innovative design for back up / off-grid USB charger manufactured by 2015.

The Hydrobee design is a new and sustainable way to charge phones or other gadgets from any local energy source. Making it a practical tool that is versatile to be used in any setting. This can-size device recharges by wall power, and energy from nature, such as rivers and waterfalls, wind, sun, bikes, hand cranks, fire, farm carts, or anything else that moves. Hydrobee is a convenient and sustainable solution for people who are off the grid and does not have access to an outlet, to be able to create their own electricity and energy to recharge their phone or gadgets. It will also revolutionize the way the world gets energy and electricity, especially for areas where these resources are scarce.

“Hydrobee Personal Power Plant is the solution for you and for the billion people who live in energy poverty to have power from natural all around you, all the time, wherever you are at any time,” says Hydrobee founder and President, Burt Hamner. Hamner has over 20 years of experience in transferring clean technology to developing countries for clients such as the World Bank and the United Nations. Now he wants to help third-world countries get energy that is efficient and affordable to help make their lives easier.

This personal power plant can be attached to anything. The accessory rotors use wind, water from rivers and waterfalls, and other natural energy resources to create sustainable energy. It can be placed on bikes, waterwheel, treadmill, camp dashboard, etc. Not only can this be used as a charger, but also the Hydrobee can be used on the go to provide power and light. This is an ideal solution for the millions of people around the world who go off the grid and need a reliable source of energy.

Hydrobee SPC has claimed the most awards in 2014 for clean energy start-up companies. Most recently, Hydrobee SPC was named one of the Top 30 Cleantech Company by Global Cleantech Cluster Association for its Universal Backup Charger. They have won awards in the American Startup Challenge of the Kauffman Foundation, the Business for Good contest of the Social Enterprise Alliance and the Innovative World Technologies Contest from the SXSW V2Venture conference. It is also a regional finalist in the Cleantech Open, which is the world’s biggest contest for cleantech companies.

The crowdfunding campaign will end on January 8, 2015. All contributions will help produce the first Hydrobee chargers for delivery in 2015. Backers who give at least $60 or more will receive the Hydrobees at a great discount, along with 100% warranty. The Hydrobee team is made up of experienced professionals that previously worked with leading companies, government agencies, and international organizations. They hope to one day bring an eco-friendly and inexpensive portable energy source to the world.

Help bring affordable energy to those who need it most to bring light into their life. Back Hydrobee now on IndieGoGo!

For more information, please visit www.hydrobee.com

To get updates, connect with Hydrobee SPC on Facebook and Twitter – @HydroBeeUSB.


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