Creative Enzymes Released Industrial Enzyme Production Workflow

February 14 03:39 2018
February 12th, 2018, Creative Enzymes, as a leading company of contract manufacturing and development, issued the industrial enzyme production workflow on its website. In Creative Enzymes, there are a various of enzymes suitable for many industrial use, including, food & beverage, chemical processing, life science etc.

“As the rapid development of modern industry, enzyme is in great demand. So it is necessary for us to show the process of industrial enzyme production. This also will help our customers to learn the whole production of enzymes used in their projects.”

It is widely known that almost enzymes are produced in culture of living cells, which is not like the conventional small molecules. Creative Enzymes, with nearly ten years of experience in enzyme production, has created exclusive and unique enzyme solutions designed to satisfy all customers’ needs in their projects.

Enzyme production process mainly includes five factors:

1. Screening

Choosing an appropriate micro-organism for the desired enzyme.

2. Modification

Possible application of genetic engineering to improve the microbial strain.

3. Laboratory scale pilot

To determine the optimum conditions for growth of micro-organism.

4. Pilot plant

Small scale fermenter to clarify optimum conditions

5. Industrial scale fermenter

Something can be gained from Creative Enzymes:

  • Production efficiency prediction
  • Seamless scaling up from development to manufacturing
  • Capacities from grams to tons
  • Technology transfer with documents and experimental data
  • Complete solutions for large-scale production

Detailed information for enzyme production:

Creative Enzymes hold the belief to provide customers with high-quality products and professional services. In order to serve customers better, it is also continuing to improve its technique platforms and itself, too. So some services, such as fad-glucose dehydrogenase, β-glucosyltransferase etc. are newly-updated. In the near future, it is also going to release more workflow and performance processes of services. 

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