CoinGlobe’s Innovative Solutions Tackle Regulatory Obstacles Before Encrypted Digital Currencies

February 12 12:54 2018

“Encrypted digital currencies”, which undeniably contain various superior features, have emerged as one of the most popular currencies worldwide. In response, the People’s Bank of China has commenced a pilot system operating such encrypted currency, while various American research institutions focused on currency encryption and blockchain technologies also have gradually completed their modeling. Despite a promising business landscape, encrypted currencies frequently encounter various obstacles in terms of regulator requirements, as they are not issued by the central issuing institutions. Fortunately, by utilizing with technical advantages, such as point-to-point transactions and peer-to-peer technologies, the CoinGlobe Exchange Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “CoinGlobe”), which represents one of the outstanding coin exchange businesses, has bridged the gap between fans of encrypted digital currencies and investors worldwide.

Many may wonder what could be the specific regulatory requirements impeding the development of encrypted currencies. For example, the transaction network and system of such “decentralized” currency are not connected to mainstream financial authorities. Even if such currency and its products may be exchanged for real currencies on financial trading platforms backed by governments, the price of encrypted currencies is not subject to any constraint and lacks a certain level of regulation, which as a result might be manipulated by investors with a solid capital strength.


In terms of transaction risks, investors may be adversely affected to certain extent, as general investors may suffer tremendous loss if they are clueless about the operation of such encrypted currencies. Furthermore, some hedging instruments, futures, and other financial instruments, which have been developed on the basis of encrypted digital currencies, also lack regulation, further augmenting transaction risks and in return causing even greater loss. To bridge such gap, CoinGlobe provides assurance to improve better transaction efficiency, enhance greater market regulation, and safeguard investment returns. In addition, a user is only required to post a request notice on CoinGlobe to purchase his or her desired encrypted digital currencies. The purchaser will transfer the payment to the seller, whose digital currencies will be in the custody of CoinGlobe until the payment is received from the purchaser. The seller may then confirm the release of such currencies to the purchaser. The entire transaction process is safe and controllable without any security breach..


As encrypted digital currencies are traded anonymously anywhere, such trades are usually exploited by criminal minds to launder money or finance terrorism. Although encrypted currencies remain geopolitically neutral and indiscriminate given the natures of trading tools and currency media, it is a well established fact that these currencies remain within the reach of criminals and that criminal activities will be further encouraged when regulation is ineffective. Therefore, CoinGlobe is created to secure funds and eliminate criminal offenders through its own automatic screening system.

CoinGlobe has always been committed to tackle regulatory obstacles before encrypted digital currencies.

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