Finally First Available HELO LX+ Unveiled at Las Vegas CES 2018!

February 12 11:26 2018

HELOLX+, a budding product in the world of digital wearables, recently announced the much-awaited HELO LX+ at Las Vegas CES 2018, which recently concluded. HELO LX+ boasts of life-sensing technologies, which will read blood glucose levels without any finger-pricking.

Recently-concluded Las Vegas CES2018 was a huge success, and Martha Gibson was there in full force. The management and team of the company at the event announced and unveiled HELO LX+, which promises to take the world of digital wearables  to the next level with the Non-invasive Blood Glucose Measurement.

“thriving on advance future products in technology, was the unveiling of the first available HELO LX+ at Las Vegas CES. A platform where global pioneering thinkers and business leaders met to discuss new innovations, also giving the chance to meet the customers and fellow members and peers from the tech world. This is the 1st “available now wearable,” which will read your sugar trend levels with sensors, and you can finally say goodbye to pricking your fingers. Named as #helolx+, the product will be available with Open API protocol, allowing developers to take their call. Talk about self-help healthcare, it is here. We look forward to reviews and suggestions in the future, and if you need more assistance, feel free to check the “social media handles” said a press release after concluding the event at Las Vegas CES 2018.

Global Executive Leader, Martha Gibson also had a special message for customers. “No matter whether you are into wellness or like the idea of smart wearables, we are here to transform your experience. I hope you visited us at Las Vegas CES, and if not, we will answer your questions related to HELO LX+ soon. Enjoy the world of transforming digital wearables and mobileapps with us,” she said additionally in a statement.


About The HELOLX

It is a brand of wearables and smart tech, presented by Global Executive Leader, Martha Gibson. The company, which specializes in fitnessandsports, wellnessandhealth has launched products such as Biozen Bundle Plus now a Medical Device, recently also announced the first advance wearable – HELO LX+, which will be able to detect blood sugar without pricking fingers. The team of the company was there at Las Vegas #CES2018 to discuss future products, such as The Transdermal Alcohol Sensor Passive, continuous alcohol monitor.


#WorldFirst #GinerLabs, products meant for future and out before its time is expected to reach more target markets soon, and the brand is planning a wider launch for HELO LX+, which promises to digitize the whole experience of knowing one’s health.

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