Somidax TradeWallet presents an integrated platform for multiple digital assets

February 09 05:18 2018
Somidax (SMDX) Trade Wallet has opened a website for mining, trading and storing of multiple tradable digital assets using blockchain technology

The SMDX internet platform provides subscribers with opportunity to store, trade, exchange as well as make special mining request for digital currency. The Blockchain technology is secured with high level of protection while on its decentralized digital eco-system.

The platform also provides live updates on the values of tradable digital assets. Visitors to the website can glimpse the value of these digital assets at every time in USD, GBP, and EUR. Digital currencies featured on the platform include Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Ripple(XRP), Litecoin(LTC), ZenCash(ZEN), and Bitcoin Gold(BTG) and much more as they evolve.

The platform is also secure as much as it is dynamic. Subscribers on the platform can view and see who they want to trade with real-time as well as offer fiat to currency settlement on a special request as registration is free for everyone to get started.

“A fully tradable and transferable digital decentralized asset as a service that is simple to use, powerful and secure on Blockchain with high level of protection while doing business on a P2P environment.  This token has a commodity market that can be used as a medium of exchange on our Somidax marketplace as well as a store house of value,” a statement from the website explains.

The Somidax TradeWallet is also undergoing development and upgrade to accommodate all digital assets. A multi-signature blockchain-as-a-service HD wallet that is built for SOMIDAX (SMDX), Bitcoin and other digital asset Services: Bitcoin wallet, SMDX wallet, Bitcoin Cash wallet, Etherium, as well as all other digital assets and tokens available in the cryto-ecosystem.

Besides the trade wallet, Somidax offers the SMDX marketplace where subscribers can shop for the choice brands of their needs paying with digital currency. Somidax also has the SMDX media app available for free download. It is a messaging app that gets users connected to chat with other users.

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