Steel Marine Anchor Supplier Announces Availability of Different Types of Marine Anchors for Boats & Ships

February 08 15:22 2018
Shanghai Metal Corporation supplies different types of marine anchors, including Hall anchor, Japan stockless anchor and the U.S.N. stockless anchor that can be used for stabilizing all types of boats and ships in the sea during the heavy weather.

A sea anchor is a device that is used to connect a ship or a boat with the sea bed to prevent its drifting during heavy weather conditions. Vessels of different capacities may require lighter to heavier anchors to keep them stabilized at the time of the fast movement of the wind or water current. China based Shanghai Metal Corporation supplies high quality and durable marine anchors that can be used for boats, ships and vessels of different sizes and capacities.

According to the company spokesperson, they specialize in the marine anchor made of cast iron with different types of anti-rusting surface treatments. They provide the most popular types of stockless anchors in the world, such as Hall anchor, Japan stockless anchor and the U.S.N. stockless anchor. These anchors are designed for the robust performance and are suitable to be used for all types of vessels and ships. Available in the weight range between 40kg and 46000kg, these anchors are appropriate for a large range of boats and ships.

Steel Marine Anchor Supplier Announces Availability of Different Types of Marine Anchors for Boats & Ships

The spokesperson reveals that they supply the hall anchor with the black bitumen paint and anti-rusting paint. Besides, custom surface treatments are also possible as per the client’s request. The spokesperson maintains that they are committed to supplying the best hall anchors that can meet the client’s specification. All these anchors can be used to control vessels and avoid them to be drifted away because of sea storms or powerful sea currents.

As a reputed steel marine anchor supplier, Shanghai Metal Corporation specializes in sea anchors that have the stability and strength. For a safe marine journey, anchors are an important device and one needs to choose it from a reliable supplier. The company can supply all types of anchors of different anchoring capacities that can ensure the safety of marine vessels in the oceans.

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