Boss Babe Lashes offering comprehensive nail and lashes services

February 07 17:45 2018
Nail queen of Instagram and CEO of Boss Babe Lashes offers wide range of beauty services including nail and lashes services

Sean, otherwise known as the nail queen of Instagram has made a name for herself in the industry, serving different clients from all walks of life with her unique nails and lashes beauty services. Boss Babe Lashes and was founded by the creative and multitalented beauty trainer and celebrity beauty artist. Sean and the team at GNB and BBL LLC have helped women to accentuate their beauty with innovative, effective, and creative beauty service delivery.

It is commonly said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and different people see beauty from different angles. However, there are parts of the body that needs to be beautified and even accessorized to enhance beauty. These features are present in both genders, and one of such parts is the nails. While nails are one of the parts of the body especially for women that help enhance the beauty of every woman, millions of women across the globe have not been able to make the best use of their natural assets. One of the major issues of such gap is the inaccessibility to quality beauty experts. This is where professionals like Shesguru are particularly helpful.

Sean combines her expertise in nail beauty and eyelashes to provide her clients with the best of beauty services. After almost a decade of being in the beauty industry, the nail queen of Instagram broke into the limelight, working for a couple of celebrities and helping them with their nail beauties. She has also been featured in the nail magazine for her ingenuity and creativity.

Services and solutions offered by Boss Babe Lashes, one of her beauty outfits, include Ombré Eyebrow Services, Lash Babe Full Set, Glam Babe Unicorn Full Set, Boss Babe Unicorn Full Set, and the Glam Babe Fill. BBL LLC also does Lash Removal, Makeup Removal, as well as Lash Wash.

With 141 thousand followers on Instagram, Sean has successfully made herself popular and rightly earned the title as the nail queen of Instagram. Her perfect combination of quality and affordability has further stood her out from the other service providers in the industry, with her services starting from as low as $11.

Her ingenuity and passion for beauty have also been demonstrated on several fronts, one of which is the popular unicorn nails which she created. Unicorn nails have subsequently become popular, with various beauty experts embracing her ingenuity.

Boss Babe Lashes also conducts classes for intending beauticians and other such persons that want to learn the art of making people look attractive.

More information about Sean and her services can be found on Instagram and SquareUp.

About Boss Babe Lashes

Boss Babe Lashes LLC is a beauty business founded by popular online beauty expert and service provider, Sean, popularly known as Shesguru. After almost a decade of being in the beauty industry, Sean decided to start her business in 2014, which has gone on to become one of the most sought-after beauty service providers in the United States.

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