College Admission Officers and Online Reputation

February 06 22:52 2018

Yes, your online reputation is a matter of concern with admission officers when you apply to a college. Like a student’s grades and SAT scores, a student’s interactions on social media is more important to the acceptance process than ever before.

While many people point out that kids are sometimes prone to lapses in judgement and doing foolish things, poor judgement today can follow a person for life thanks to the Internet’s infinite memory.

As such, nearly half of admission officers admit searching popular online social media venues. The key, from a student’s perspective, is not to look at it as cyber stalking. Admission officials often find positive social medial impressions that can work in a student’s favor. The other side of the coin is that prospective students can feel somewhat betrayed if an admission officer finds and holds them accountable.

On the other hand, a robust and positive online presence can be an asset in today’s competitive world. Employers, depending on a graduate’s major, will look at their social media footprint to learn about their interests, work history, friends, political views, community involvement, and much more. A social media presence can also indicate whether a student has an ability to market themselves effectively.

If you are thinking of attending a college, reputation management matters a great deal. College admission officers now routinely check a student’s background through social media. Surprisingly, there is a considerable percentage of admission officers who admit that negative social media content had a negative impact on the student’s application. Harvard is on record for having revoked 10 students and their acceptance letters after discovering negative online content posted by the students. Such events have caused a great deal of fear for both parents and students.

Reputation repair and reputation marketing are being taken quite seriously by students who are now actively scrubbing social media accounts. Teens have been actively engaged in social media since their middle school days. All it takes is for the wrong photo, or post, to get into the wrong hands. A lot of things that kids do online can come back to haunt them years later.

There are now companies offering software solutions to help parents and students track and analyze their online lives. Such software can help make students aware of any online references to drugs, alcohol, politics, religion, sex, and much more. These students and their parents can review all the content material and decide what to delete or allow.

While students may not post anything overly controversial, there is still content that can affect how college admission representatives view their applications. Learning how to repair a bad reputation is becoming a prerequisite for many students hoping to attend college after high school graduation.

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