Rylan Chen releases his debut single Bitch I’m Out

February 06 12:12 2018
Talented hip-hop artist and performer, Rylan Chen, announces the release of his first single titled Bitch I’m Out

Rylan Chen, a talented artist that has hit the music and entertainment industry with his unique style of music, recently released his debut single titled Bitch I’m Out. The engaging and edgy song gives lovers of good music a unique approach and feel, with his distinct combination of mercurial and eclectic styles to produce a powerful music vibe. The recently released studio single has since been receiving accolades from music lovers across the globe.

The music industry has seen the rise of several stars. However, the entertainment industry and the music scene, in particular, seems to have lost the vibes it is known for. This is largely due to the somewhat lack of ingenuity and creativity from many of the stars in the industry currently. However, Rylan Chen is bringing a unique feel to the industry, and this claim has been substantiated with the release of his strikingly arranged debut single.

Co-produced by the legendary sound engineer, Kenny McCloud, who has made a name for himself in the industry with the creation of Tupac’s “All EyezOn Me,” the single has been making waves since its release.

Rylan was able to demonstrate his ingenuity in the single by perfectly combining the best of hip-hop and R&B traditions and perfectly balancing between the old school days and the modern rap movement. The captivating and vibrant approach of the song further stands it out in the industry. Rylan’s unique songwriting approach and delivery of his lyrics are features that have been identified to ensure his stardom as an entertainer.

Hip-hop greats like Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, and 2Pac, were known for their storytelling lines, which made them connect easily with their target audience. Rylan has also adopted this approach, combining it with modern day rap delivery to create the thought-provoking single. This also shows his dedication to not only stand out from the competition but to actually create songs that will stand the test of time.

Incredibly punchy beat, a snare sound, and a unique offer of massive blanker low end are some of the captivating features of Bitch I’m Out. The team behind the production also added groovy and on-the-mark high-hats to give a nice feel to the beat.

Other features of the song that should captivate every music lover are the mellow synth melodies that did very well to highlight the feel of the beat, without unnecessarily overpowering it. The stunning vocal melodies used in rendering the choruses that added a special touch of neo-soul and R&B to the melody makes the song every more enjoyable.

Hip-hop artists are known for their use of words and Rylan took it a notch higher with the change of language by using singing a verse in the song in Chinese. While the rendering of the verse is melodious, only those vast in the language can understand and grasp the full impact of the verse.

Rylan looks to be making a name for himself in the industry already, and the world can only wait to hear from this talented act.

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