New Online Underwear Review Website Bra-Di-Da Launches, Created For Women By Women

February 05 12:52 2018

Nashville, TN – Bra-Di-Da is delighted to announce the launch of their new and innovative bra review website, the concept of which is to provide women with an independent website that offers quality in-depth reviews of bras.

At launch, the site will initially contain reviews written by the staff team, and focusing on the things that matter to women, such as comfort, support, and quality. Eventually, however,  the site will be opened up to the readers and visitors of the site so that they have the opportunity to add to and enrich the discussion. The hope is that as the website increases in popularity, it will become the one stop shop for women to get real world independent reviews before they invest money in a new set of underwear.

“Buying a new bra is rarely if ever a quick and inexpensive option anymore,” said Jessica Paisley one of the founders of Bra-Di-Da. “The marketing and advertising industry seem to focus almost entirely on either the look of the bra, or the amount of cleavage it produces, which can be important factors, but primarily in our opinion a bra should provide excellent support, and be comfortable to wear. With so many bras in so many styles and sizes, we understand that we will never have the capacity to properly test and review all of the different bras, which is why we are working on a community type review option further down the line. We really believe we have found an opening in the market, and are looking forward to growing the site over the next few years.”

Bra-Di-Da ( is an online bra review website that was created by a group of women frustrated at the quality and focus of the underwear industry. The website provides readers with a quality independent and in-depth review of bras from around the world, focusing on different elements including cost, comfort, quality, and support.

For more information about the company or to read some of their reviews visit the website at

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