Kent Prints offers custom designed prints on t-shirts and other selected items

October 27 19:36 2017

Kent Prints is a leading online store that offers custom printed t-shirts and other merchandise such as tee shirts, hoodies, mugs,  pillowcases, tote bags and more. It’s a popular online retailer that provides its own custom designed prints on apparel and selected items. The online store also features many art related products that are interesting and diverse.  The company focuses on great customer experience and invites feedback from the customers to continuously improve their service and meet or surpass the customer’s expectations.

Kent Prints offers a variety of unique and quirky prints on t-shirts for men, women, and kids. The customers can also look for unisex t-shirts, tank tops for women, hoodies, thongs and more under the apparel category. They can also look for custom prints and designs on several other items such as mugs, wall art, tote bags and more. Under the LED lamps category, the company features interesting designs of LED lamps, some of which are the Joker LED lamp, Double knot LED lamp, Deer LED lamp, Sea Wolves LED lamp, Space LED lamp and more. These LED lamps provide over 50,000 hours of bright light and provide 7 colors mode.

Some of the prints used by the company include the limited edition, ‘Warning! I may snap at any time’, ‘The 12 days of Nursemas’, ‘The Bikers’, ‘My heart belongs to a carpenter’, and much more. The customers can look for hundreds of prints that are made to order on clothing and other items. The website features an easy to use interface with all the products categorized under major topics. The customers can easily look for women t-shirts, men’s t-shirts and other products directly to see all the products under that category.

The website of Kent Prints also allows the user to search the prints of their choice through certain categories such as ‘Animals’, under which they can find clothing with prints inspired by animals such as lion, fish, horse, wolves, tigers etc. Similarly, they can also search the products by other print types such as profession (doctor, nurse, photographers, teachers etc.) and family (grandparents, mother, father, sister etc.). There is a whole section dedicated to offering apparel and other merchandise with Christmas prints. Under the Home Ware section, the customers can find wall art, pillow cases, can wraps, Christmas Stocking and more.

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