Securitization audit covers securitization of mortgage loans sold off into bundles

October 24 01:10 2017

Securitization audit is a audit which audits the mortgage or home loan of a property. Securitization auditing looks at how the loan was sold and transferred into bundles with other loans, and possibly sold on wall street. The process of bundling loans up into securitization trusts , is called securitization. Securitization Audit Pro, LLC audits mortgage loans and home loans and compiles  a securitization audit report. Securitization Audit Pro’s securitization audit reports are wholesale priced and very competitive. The securitization audit comes with a summary of findings report, and other bonus reports.

Typically how the securitization audit report process works, is the client is asked to send the docs for a pre-screen. Sometimes more research is needed. Typically the documents asked for are the mortgage note, and or the deed of trust. Also the assignment of mortgage documents are important. In addition, any foreclosure related documents such as the notice of default or the trustee sale document if the property is set for a sale date. Also other documents as well. Please contact Securitization Audit Pro, for a full list of documents. Typically they can complete a pre-screen with a few docs, depending on the file, etc.

Securitization Audit Pro, in addition to writing up securitization audit reports, they also write up forensic loan audit reports. Forensic loan audit reports are reports which usually focus on the closing documents received by the client/homeowner at the time of the loan closing. These documents typically are the  hud 1 settlement statement, tila document, 1003 document, right of recission, etc. The forensic loan audit report typically covers federal lending regulation violations. You can order a forensic loan audit and or a securitization audit based on what you are trying to accomplish. Or you can order both the forensic loan audit report and the securitization audit report, this is called a hybrid report. The hybrid report basically has the forensic loan audit report and the securitization audit report.

Securitization Audit Pro has clients nationwide, all over the country and is willing to assist you in your mortgage audit needs. Please visit the securitization audit pro website at

In summary, securitization auditing is the auditing of mortgage loans/home loans in the area of the selling of the loans in bundles into securitization trusts and possibly on wall street. Securitization audit reports cover this. Forensic loan audit reports mainly cover federal lending violations. Please contact Securitization Audit Pro, for more details.

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Securitization Audit Pro, is a secritization auditing firm which conducts securitization audits, forensic loan audits, mortgage audits, and more. Securitization Audit Pro has clients nationwide and primarily focuses on the wholesale market of mortgage audits, with competitive prices,and fast turnaround times. Securitization Audit Pro strives for high quality, excellence and client focused customer service.

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