Children’s book “Danny Trample for school president” takes inspiration from the recent elections

January 20 16:50 2017

“Danny Trample for school president” is the recently launched children’s book on crowdfunding platform which takes inspiration from the recent American elections and talks about bullying among children. The book is created by amom and author Mayma Raphael, with the help of her 9-year-old daughter Reagan Raphael in an attempt to contribute in the fight against bullying in schools. The book teaches the children to avoid being a bully as well as dealing with a bully in a healthy and entertaining manner.

Raphael has developed this book considering the increasing cases of bullying in schools and children being attacked due to various reasons such as race, religion, politics, ethnicity and others.  To combat the same, author and her daughter decided to create this book which will address the concerns of bullying and teach the children to be more kind, compassionate and supportive of other children.

The book revives the events from the recent American elections and presents them in a school setting, in fact, the main characters of the book are inspired by the most prominent political figures to make the book more relatable to the children. The story of the book is about an elementary school boy named Danny Trample who likes to be on the top, even if it means degrading or bullying others. When the principal announced the school elections, Danny decided to run into it and faced a girl named Hannah Clarke as his opponent.  He does everything he can to win the elections and somehow, his strategies worked.

As the story proceeds, readers discover that the circumstances make Danny realize his mistakes as he learns the valuable lessons of tolerance, respect, and forgiveness. The book is meant to instill modesty and good behavior and refrain from discriminating or bullying other children. The book is available on Kickstarter for pre-order. So far, the campaign has received agreat response and the mother-daughter duo urges people to support their cause by backing up or sharing the campaign.

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