The New Earning Concept ‘Chat and Earn’ Gaining Popularity

August 06 05:06 2022

A new innovative earning system will be available on August 8, 2022.

Now many projects consist of the P2E (play-to-earn) concept, but many users quickly get bored with this concept when the game requires special skills that can only be acquired by playing the game for a long time. 

The Chat & Earn project works on the principle of chatting to make money. Chat-and-earn, similar to play-to-earn and move-to-earn. Users can use this earning model, in which the C2E (Chat And Earn) token is rewarded for active participation in the chat. 

Basically, in the realities of the new crypto industry, many users pay close attention to the virtual gaming environment. Naturally, the GameFi ecosystem always includes cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology. But the gaming environment should be simple and understandable, not requiring individual skills. 

Chat & Earn is the first Social project with the C2E concept made on the BSC network. The state of chat users only goes up, which makes the community grow only up. 

Recently, Chat & Earn raised 200 BNB incredibly quickly in a private sale on the PinkSale platform. The purpose of this stage is to increase awareness of the project before the IDO. We strive to attract reliable investors at the beginning by offering tokens at the lowest possible price. On August 8, 2022, Pre-Sale will begin, which will work on the Fair Launch system. Many users are waiting for the opportunity to become the first members and users of Chat & Earn.

At the moment, many P2E games stimulate and promote online games directly. Chat & Earn, in turn, is a vast ecosystem that offers an opportunity to people all around the world to earn by doing their everyday routine Chatting.

Chat & Earn is aiming to create a genuine community-driven project in all aspects. As by tokenomics, the Chat and Earn team dedicated that part of each buys/sell transaction tax to be automatically converted to BUSD and sent over to a dedicated marketing wallet. The collected amount is always going to appear at

Any project participant will be able to vote for one of the presented marketing targets in different categories:

  • YouTube Influencers

  • Tik Tok Ads

  • Twitch Streamers

  • PR Publications

  • Banner Ads

  • Trending Tools

  • Telegram Calls

  • Ama Sessions

  • Discord Promotions

  • Packages

  • Instagram

How to start? It’s simple! By having the HYPERBOARDS NFT on the wallet, the user will start earning C2E tokens while participating in the chat. The basic level account can earn by sending up to 50 messages per day. At least one NFT of the Hyperboard collection is required to start earning in the chat.

Users will be able to earn a different amount of C2E Token, depending on their level of Hyperboard NFT. 

There are three different NFT Rarity Levels:


Basic Stats: Up to 50 paid messages per day 

Level up initial price: 120 C2E 

Level up time: 72h


Basic Stats: Up to 70 paid messages per day 

Level up initial price: 280 C2E 

Level up time: 48h


Basic Stats: Up to 100 paid messages per day 

Level up initial price: 500 C2E 

Level up time: 24h

There is no similar concept of (Action) To Earn trend in the world of cryptocurrency yet. Chat & Earn combines all the simplicity of earning and will be launched on August 8 with completed development like other projects in the cryptocurrency market. All Hyperboards can be upgraded for additional earning potential using Raffleboards. Raffleboards can also be used to participate in the lottery, winning BUSD, Whitelist for staking Pool with 5000% APR, or even physical prizes. This is how developers reward active users of Chat And Earn.

In addition, the Chat & Earn project has integrated one of the most attractive and tempting features, namely the Jackpot system. The jackpot is the biggest win. As a rule, the jackpot is formed by a percentage of all losses or grows proportionally over a certain period, but in our case, it constantly grows until someone takes it. The Jackpot Pool is collecting funds until it reaches the 100% target set by developers.

Jackpot scheme:

Group 2915


If the target of Jackpot is reached, the Smart contract will use 50% of Jackpot Pool funds to buy back tokens from Pancakeswap.

Token distribution:

▪ 50% of purchased tokens are burning

▪ 20% of purchased tokens go to the staking vault

▪ 25% of purchased tokens go to the chat & earn pool circulation

▪ 5% of purchased tokens are transferred to the last buyer before the target reaches

 The Jackpot event starts again with the left 50% of the Jackpot BNBs fund.


▪ If nobody made a token purchase for 10 minutes (timeframe can be changed by developers during special events), the last buyer receives 20% of the Jackpot pool, and the Jackpot game relaunches.

The Chat And Earn team created an experience where everyone in the community will be in the Win to Win situation, and created a new trend that will take over the cryptocurrency community as a giant wave.

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