Whip Cream Chargers company with 1,300,000 PCS per day of production, announces new warehouses

June 23 15:04 2022
Whip Cream Chargers company with 1,300,000 PCS per day of production, announces new warehouses
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GreatWhip, a manufacturer of whip cream chargers with a comprehensive selection of N2O Cream Charger products, is proud to announce its large-scale warehouses. GreatWhip is a whip cream chargers company with a 60,000 m2 production factory and a 1,300,000-units-per-day manufacturing capability. The company is ready to sell its products all over the world, and it has warehouses in Australia, the UK, the US, and Europe.

According to a company spokeswoman, these warehouses aim to reach customers closer than ever. GreatWhip is a global distributor and manufacturer of whip cream chargers of various sizes for the foodservice industry. Their premium items include 8g cream chargers packed with N2O gas and the 580G Food Grade Nitrous Tank, which is in high demand in the USA for food and beverage topping solutions.

In addition, from these new warehouses, customers can purchase large quantities of canister whipped cream at affordable prices and have it delivered to their front doors promptly. The GreatWhip company guarantees that canister whipped cream produced in its production hall contains only the purest quality food-grade nitrous oxide gas, free of odors and residue. It is also compatible with major dispenser brands, nickel-coated cartridges, and recyclable. With these high-quality products and a comprehensive online shop, the company aims to provide the best products and shopping experience.

Additionally, GreatWhip provides discounts on bulk orders. The offer is ideal for foodservice distributors who want to take their food and beverage business to the next level. For instance, they offer numerous packages of 8.2G Flavored Nitrous Oxide Canister Whipped Cream. Buyers can purchase from 24 packs to 600 packs of food-grade nitrous oxide gas whip cream chargers. It enables small-to-large businesses to select packages according to their budgets and requirements. The whip cream chargers from GreatWhip are guaranteed to be 100% Nitrous Oxide gas and free of residue. The company ensures that customers get whipped cream that meets the standards of restaurants and bars.

GreatWhip is a Chinese whipped cream chargers specialist. Their whip cream chargers are generally recognized as food and beverage accessories for taste and improving appearance. GreatWhip charges for whipped cream containing pure N2O, also popularly known as laughing gas. Some dishes, desserts, and beverages go well with whipped cream, particularly the flavored whipped cream available in the GreatWhip online store. GreatWhip has discounts on their website for restaurants that want to buy Nitrous Oxide whipped cream chargers.

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