Meet Tatiana Pustovit, Mrs. Miami US Nation 2022

December 30 01:03 2021

Tatiana Pustovit is the reigning Mrs. Miami US Nation 2022 Titleholder. Tatiana attended a casting call to compete for Miss Florida US Nation 2022 in her category shortly after the festivities of Art Basel in Miami, FL; she was offered the opportunity to enter the state pageantry competition. Thrilled at the opportunity- she decided to enter the competition and represent Miami. 15 years ago, Tatiana decided to enter her daughter – who was 5 years old at the time, into a beauty contest in Sochi, Russia, where she is originally from. Her daughter won the primary title at this contest. “My little princess was and still is the only one and the most beautiful creature in the world for me. She always inspires me in my life and worldview”, says Tatiana. The businesswoman’s interest in art, beauty and fashion stemmed from seeing her daughter participate and ultimately changed her mind, life and views.

Photo Credits to: Jerson Toro (Miami Productions)

The modeling industry in Tatiana’s viewpoint is all about creating. Similar to a painting, she sees modeling as an art. People enjoy art! Beauty and beautiful women go together. Tatiana also views modeling as not just an exterior showcase of wardrobe, but also transforming from the inside and outside.

Being well versed in her field, Tatiana has been an art dealer for the past 15 years, organizing art and fashion functions; she is looking forward to expanding her horizons and as Mrs. Miami US Nation 2022- she plans to implement her title by combining modeling, pageants, fashion with art and cooperating with contemporary artists and promoting her brands with her new title and modeling experiences.

In five years from now, Tatiana is hopeful of being more involved in the fashion business; her biggest platform is inspiring children, which are our future. She would also like to create a positive impact on younger girls looking to pursue pageantry and encourage them that it’s not only about looks; but, about your charm, individuality and happiness you can present to others. Tatiana is currently preparing for the state competition, Miss Florida US Nation 2022 which will be held on January 16th in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Being raised in the Soviet Union, it was and still is a common stereotype that women after the age of 40 are already retired. Tatiana would like to break this stereotype; beginning her modeling career in America after 40 years old, she is breaking all stereotypes of age and social prejudices. “Women are always beautiful! Doesn’t matter what age, social style or marital status. She was created by God as an Art”, says Tatiana.

Something unique about Tatiana is that she had her own TV show in Russia, (Sochi 2day,, she also produced international art and cultural festivals worldwide (SochiStar), and had her own international magazine (Inter@ctive) and International fashion club for women (Re-Forma). “Now I have finally united all these chain links into one global context – as being a titleholder with the Miss US Nation Pageant, I think this is unique”, says Tatiana.

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