Tea Sante Offering 3 Best Teas For The Winter

January 16 03:15 2021
Tea Sante Offering 3 Best Teas For The Winter

Tea Sante is a Canadian loose leaf tea company that carries an extensive selection of the highest quality loose leaf teas. It has been serving Canadian tea lovers with premium tea collections with great flavors and features. When the winter hits the cities, people are spending more time staying at home. Tea Sante recommends that people can try the following 3 best teas to enjoy the numerous benefits.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is known to promote healthy hair and improve fine lines and wrinkles. The caffeine in Oolong tea can help people stay alert and lend them enough energy to get through the day. Depending on the level of oxidation and the cultivating region, a good Oolong Tea can have flavours ranging from smoky to sweet.

Moreover, Oolong tea has a special aroma that distinguishes it from green tea or black tea. People usually find it special and relaxing. 

Green Tea

Green tea might be one of the most popular teas among tea lovers. It is light, fresh and healthy. 

Meanwhile, it isn’t as overly caffeinated as black tea or coffee, it gives people just the right amount of energy to get through the day without that tired jittery feeling. No wonder Green Tea is in the Super Food categories. It is power-packed with nutrients and has powerful health benefits. This has something to do with the fact that green tea leaves aren’t fermented.

Flavoured Tea

Flavoured teas are any teas to which additional flavour has been added. It is often considered the dessert of teas and was originally intended to mask inconsistencies in the flavour of batches of tea. The common flavoured teas are caramel tea, peach tea, vanilla tea, blackberry tea, almond tea, etc. If one person is used to drinking traditional teas like green tea and black tea, he should consider trying the flavoured teas to get an extra boost from those special tastes. 

There are many more teas that Tea Sante carries. For example, people can also browse through the categories like herbal tea, mate tea, organic tea, wellness tea, white tea, etc. They can find numerous teas originating from different countries and regions. With one sip of the premium tea, a tea lover will feel like traveling to different exotic places. Why not start the aromatic trip today?

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