Green Tourmaline Available At Star Lanka Sourced Directly From Mines In Africa

November 20 06:39 2020
Green Tourmaline Available At Star Lanka Sourced Directly From Mines In Africa
Star Lanka sources green tourmaline from mines in Mozambique, Nigeria, and Congo. The internally flawless varieties of green tourmaline are exquisitely beautiful and highly prized by gem aficionados.

According to Star Lanka, it has a wide variety of green tourmaline in its inventory. These beautifully cut gemstones, also known as verdelite, can range in shades of green from very light to extremely dark. The stone makes for an excellent investment apart from its use in jewelry. It is one of those forms of tourmaline that can be cut in many different ways, such as asscher, scissor, emerald, fine step, and brilliant. Star Lanka shapes raw green tourmaline sourced from mines in Congo, Mozambique, and Nigeria into forms best suited to highlight this stone’s aesthetic appeal. These include triangle, pear, heart, square, and oval.

Green tourmaline is believed to have some potent metaphysical properties, especially the internally flawless ones, with no visible inclusions even when viewed under a loupe. It encourages the owner to work toward the fulfillment of their dreams. The piezoelectric effect displayed by green tourmaline is regarded as proof of their ability to influence the wearer’s energy levels positively. 

Though not a rare gemstone, green tourmaline is much in demand because of its intrinsic beauty, whether transparent or opaque. Green tourmalines are an excellent substitute for emeralds. It is a hard stone, easy to care for, and can be worn every day. 

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Star Lanka’s constant search for potential new markets puts them ahead of the competition. They strive to find new and exciting business ventures in which to offer their high-quality natural stones. 

Their new online brand and sister company, CHARMES Jewelry, specializes in selling Natural Gemstone Jewelry in the Worldwide market, catering to the country’s gap for these types of products. The world has a high potential for top quality goods, and there is a large lack where a brand tailored to Natural Gemstone Jewelry is considered. The website is proving to be a success with strong demands already coming from major countries. 

On why customers prefer to do business with it, Star Lanka said, “Over the many years we have been in this industry, our experts have gained the experience and expertise to perfect the reshaping, resizing and polishing of the gemstone to turn the precious stone into an exclusive piece. This passion for customer satisfaction and beauty is visible by the quality of our stock. Our experts maximize the luster and fire within the minerals according to each mineral’s properties. This way, we maximize the splendor of each gem. Our vast experience in sourcing quality gemstones worldwide and competence in valuating prices have given us an edge over other dealers’ niche. Our integrity and sincerity in every day dealing stand testimony to our credentials.”

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