Cybersecurity Solutions By Scarlett Cybersecurity For Potential Cybercrime Victims Across Industries

November 20 06:30 2020
Cybersecurity Solutions By Scarlett Cybersecurity For Potential Cybercrime Victims Across Industries
Scarlett Cybersecurity helps public organizations and private businesses prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks. This company’s client industries include manufacturing, retail, local government, construction, legal, small businesses, etc.

According to announcements released by Scarlett Cybersecurity, cybersecurity solutions provided by this company have helped businesses, big and small, stay protected from cyberthreats such as ransomware, phishing, DDoS attacks, trojans, malware, and other sophisticated techniques that are used to acquire data or funds illegally.

Incident prevention services by Scarlett Cybersecurity focus on using the latest techniques and tools to secure an organization. This company offers flexible, customized solutions to best suit a client’s needs, existing contracts, and budgets.

Incident detection is an important aspect of cybersecurity, and this company provides a range of detection services that include managed health monitoring to full remote SIEM/SOC services. By ensuring alertness for indicators and reacting to these before the end-user detects the issue, Scarlett Cybersecurity delivers a robust defense against sneak attacks.

The final layer of protection in place to secure a business is incident response. The Scarlett|CIRT (Cyber Incident Response Team) on a retainer makes more financial sense than maintaining an in-house response team. The company can quickly get to the root cause of the issue, initiate repairs, and restore operations. 

Scarlett Cybersecurity provides its services to businesses across different niches, including retail, construction, healthcare, veterinary practices, education, utilities, small business, and many others. Finance and law are lucrative niches for hackers and sundry unethical entities that wish to benefit from client data and vast amounts of funds. Small businesses are vulnerable to attack because many neglect to implement solutions, fearing unwarranted expenditure. SMBs can easily benefit from an affordable, strong cybersecurity network provided by Scarlett Cybersecurity.  

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Scarlett Cybersecurity said, “Cybersecurity requirements can be overwhelming for organizations of all sizes. Small businesses need to balance razor-thin budgets against current threats. Larger organizations must determine the viability in hiring dedicated security staff from a limited pool of candidates. Scarlett Cybersecurity serves as a partner to help fulfill the cybersecurity needs at any organization. What’s the profile of a typical victim?  The fact is every organization is at risk. Proper Cybersecurity practices can be prohibitively expensive to staff and manage internally. That’s where Scarlett Cybersecurity comes in. With our scale and solid foundation, we do more for less and provide enterprise-class security for a fraction of the cost.”

Scarlett Cybersecurity said, “Scarlett Cybersecurity has extensive experience in co-managed cybersecurity environments on its services for government organizations. This enables our team to provide coordinated cybersecurity services to a wide range of public institutions. Many local and state government organizations are not fully compliant with relevant laws and prone to attack. Scarlett Cybersecurity works with local IT to augment current cybersecurity services. Scarlett Cybersecurity provides a wide array of security services and solutions centered around creating a comprehensive security stack. These solutions work best when combined into a comprehensive security stack, but some can be offered à la carte if desired. It is recommended that clients utilize a comprehensive cybersecurity audit to determine specific needs before committing to a solution. We operate on a policy of transparency – contact us today to find out how we help and to receive a free guide on our cybersecurity services.”

About the Company:

Scarlett Cybersecurity provides tailored cybersecurity solutions to its clients after taking a holistic view of its needs. Its comprehensive approach to cybersecurity also educates clients and enables them to make correct decisions to maintain security and keep cybersecurity costs low. The company does its best to ensure that a client’s business stays safe from cybercriminals.

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