Cybersecurity Services Provider Scarlett Cybersecurity Wins Approval For GSA Government Contracts

November 20 06:27 2020
Cybersecurity Services Provider Scarlett Cybersecurity Wins Approval For GSA Government Contracts
Scarlett Cybersecurity simplifies cybersecurity for private and government organizations of all sizes. It has just been approved for General Services Administration (GSA) government contracts. Labor categories applicable to its contract include project manager, lead IT consultant, etc.

According to announcements released by Scarlett Cybersecurity, this cybersecurity services provider has earned General Services Administration (GSA) government contracts. The contract number and solicitation numbers are 47QTCA21D000A and 47QSMD20R0001, respectively. The company will be providing highly adaptive cybersecurity services (HACS), IT professional services, and cloud and cloud-related IT professional services. The relevant SIN numbers for these services are SIN 54151HACS, SIN 54151S, and SIN 518210C.

Labor categories applicable to the company’s contract with the GSA include project manager, IT consultant, lead IT consultant, lead network engineer, network engineer, NOC technician 1, 2, and 3, business analyst, auditor, lead auditor, cloud consultant, cloud engineer, and cloud technician. 

This cybersecurity provider for government guides its clients on cutting edge cybersecurity solutions and helps them cut down on cybersecurity costs. Its excellent track record in this field and demonstratable expertise were ample reasons for the company landing prestigious GSA contracts. Scarlett Cybersecurity will provide under the GSA’s terms or exceeds educational and experience-related requirements and is ready to fulfill roles that require a diverse skillset. Apart from domain expertise, the experts from Scarlett Cybersecurity also have excellent interpersonal and time-management skills.

The range of services offered by Scarlett Cybersecurity includes incident prevention, incident detection, incident response, and services tailored to the government. Through its last-mentioned specialty, Scarlett Cybersecurity simplifies online, and network security for government organizations saves them money, and leaves the government agencies free to focus on their core competencies.

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Scarlett Cybersecurity said, “Established from the ground up by Cybersecurity Professionals, Scarlett Cybersecurity is unique in our goal of simplifying cybersecurity for all organizations. We believe in a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that focuses on delivering the truly needed services for our clients. We take a holistic view of an organization and its needs, not a break/fix or product perspective. We act as truly trusted partners and recommend services based on objective metrics, not “flavor of the week” solutions. We advise on strategy and implement affordable cybersecurity solutions tailored to our clients, regardless of size.

“Our comprehensive approach to cybersecurity focuses on all cybersecurity domains, with a particular emphasis on client leadership retaining control of all decision making. With offices in Jacksonville, Florida, and Raleigh, North Carolina, our dynamic has been the Southeast. However, over the years, by word of mouth, we have engaged clients from Portland, ME, New York City, and Austin, Texas – among others. Our goal is simple – we want to help you make your organization more secure against cybercriminals. Scarlett Cybersecurity, a division of The Scarlett Group.”

Elaborating further, Scarlett Cybersecurity said, “Cybersecurity requirements can be overwhelming for organizations of all sizes. Small businesses need to balance razor-thin budgets against current threats. Larger organizations must determine the viability in hiring dedicated security staff from a limited pool of candidates. Scarlett Cybersecurity serves as a partner to help fulfill the cybersecurity needs at any organization.”

About the Company:

Scarlett Cybersecurity provides tailored cybersecurity solutions to its clients after taking a holistic view of its needs. Its comprehensive approach to cybersecurity also educates clients and enables them to make correct decisions to maintain security and keep cybersecurity costs low. The company does its best to ensure that a client’s business stays safe from cybercriminals.

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