BVOP Launches Online Human Resource Management Certification Program

November 20 03:21 2020

BVOP launched its Human Resource Management online certification program earlier this year. Online certification processes are increasingly popular today, replacing physical exams and other slower means. The organization named its program BVOP™ Human Resources Manager which is available online. The preparatory materials are available to all.

The policy of Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd (BVOP) is to provide its training programs free of charge to facilitate applicants and professionals from around the world. The organization believes that easy and fast training is the basis of business development in all industries and businesses.

Human resource is an important topic in the book BVOP Ultimate Guide, which the organization published in 2018. Applicants for an HR certificate must learn all the topics very well.

Human Resources in the context of BVOP

BVOP adds business value topics to project management, product management, and human resources. The popular Agile philosophies are already being applied in the HR departments.

Human resources are the people who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector, or economy. The term human capital is sometimes used as a synonym for human resources, although human capital usually refers to a more specific topic (for example, the knowledge that individuals possess and economic growth). Other terms are sometimes used, including labor, talent, staff, or people.

An HR department of an organization deals with human resource management, managing various aspects of work such as compliance with labor law and work standards, the administration of employee remuneration, and some aspects of recruitment.

Human resources managers have many responsibilities. These include planning, hiring and selection process, publishing job advertisements, evaluating employee performance, organizing resumes and job applications, scheduling interviews, and more. Another part of the work of the human resources manager is payroll and remuneration administration, which is related to the provision of sick leave reports and the approval of invoices. However, BVOP pushes the role of the modern human resources manager at a higher level in the organization. Modern HR managers must be involved in creating the organizational culture and atmosphere. They have to take care of it and pass it on to everyone in the business organization.

From a corporate point of view, employees are usually seen as assets for the company, whose value is increased through additional training and development, known as human resource development.

However, BVOP added new views and suggested to the whole business community to consider the people in the organization as equal to the top management.

The perception of people as assets, things, or resources turns them into a commodity or object. Some analyzes show that human beings are not goods or resources, but creative and social beings in a productive enterprise. The ISO 9001 Certificate of 2000, for example, requires the identification of processes, their sequence and interaction, and the definition and communication of responsibilities and authorities in the HR department and the organization as a whole. Countries such as France and Germany have long adopted modern views of human resources and promote good treatment of staff. In 2001, the International Labor Organization decided to revise its Human Resources Development Recommendation No. 150. The final summary was short. Labor is not a commodity.

BVOP principles are shared today by many certification organizations. The new HR knowledge is also shared by online magazines such as BusinessPad, ManagersPost, PolicyMatters, Wider Europe, PM.MBA, and others.

BVOP not only advocates these principles and puts them at the forefront of senior management strategies. However, BVOP also requires a special attitude from the people in the organization to the organization itself. The teaching of the organization wants to teach both people and business of mutual respect and business value for both parties – staff and organization.

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