The CEO Reassured Gamers about Their Security in the Use of Runelite

May 20 09:40 2020
The CEO Made This Statement during Their Official Online Meeting

The CEO of the world-renowned open-source application development company reassured its customers of the security features in their latest runelite plugins to protect users’ accounts. The announcement came as a direct response to the gamers asking if their account will be banned when they use the plugin. Different plugins are provided for video games online, but the majority of them are not open-source. Therefore, users are not able to make contributions to the development of the plugins. Hopefully, with the announcement from this company about the security feature in their plugin, more people will be confident to try out the newly released software.

RuneLite plugin enables gamers to contribute to the program. It is a tested and trusted open-source gaming application different from RSBuddy. In the case of this game client, all users are allowed to access the program source code, which allows everyone to contribute their quota. Developers are allowed to work together to assist in improving the client.

The CEO, said, “Your account cannot be banned when you use our plugins with overpowering features. We advise gamers to continue to make use of the plugins we provide after their installation. Those that follow the rules will not face account issues. But, when you create unique plugins to carry out malicious activities against the game rules, your account will be banned.”

The meeting attracted many gamers, developers, and other online users, one of the participants said, “I have benefited from the runelite download and enjoyed the ease of use. The developed the plugin according to the game rules. In that regard, my video game account has not been banned before as a result of their plugins. With their effort to reassure gamers about their security and safety, there will be a boost in people’s confidence in their application.”

A developer in RuneLite said, “Our work in developing open-source programs for gaming follows gaming rules completely. Installation of the new plugins comes with a full package with assured peace of mind to everyone. The plugins come with features such as GPU, Discord Integration, Loot Tracker, Status widgets, and more. All the things in the plugins comply with game rules, which give gamers peace of mind reassuring them that their accounts are safe with the plugin.”

The new plugins offered by the RuneLite client come with novel features in open-source for customers that want to make contributions. Also, developers are allowed to help in developing the plugin together. You can find out about the things offered here by checking out the  Those that check through the site always get more information on how to contribute to the plugins. As a developer, you will also be sure of contributing to the development of the software.

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