Chinese ABC Limited Launches a Revolutionary Chinese Mobile-Foreign Language Learning App on App Store

May 07 02:12 2019
Chinese ABC Limited Launches a Revolutionary Chinese Mobile-Foreign Language Learning App on App Store
The ChineseABC App features tons of innovative videos that simplify the learning of the Chinese Mandarin language in a fun and interesting way.

May 6, 2019 – ChineseABC is a new app launched on the Apple App Store. The app is designed to help individuals learn the Chinese Mandarin language with relative ease. Launched on iTunes, the mobile app is available for users of iOS devices, enabling them to learn the basic concepts of the Chinese Mandarin Language with ease.

With China’s population size of 1.3 billion, they have one of the largest economies in the world. However, to tap into the enormous resources of this economy, fluency in Chinese is necessary if not compulsory. For one, the language barrier that exists between people who do not speak the same language is not only painful but also make both parties frustrated. It leaves a lot of rapid pointing and wide gestures, but usually, both parties leave the conversation even more confused than when they started.

To bridge this communication gap between the Chinese and the rest of the world, Chinese ABC Limited launched the Chinese language learning app. The app provides interactive original contextualized videos that allow individuals to better understand the application and relevance of the content. Also, the app aid in easy mastering of standard Chinese pronunciation so that the user can speak like a native. In addition, the ChineseABC app provides an in-depth understanding of the Chinese culture to users to help them engage in more successful and respectful communication.

Unlike many other foreign language apps that only translate texts, the ChineseABC app is the real game changer when it comes to learning the Chinese language effectively. ChineseABC app has real-life videos with detailed explanations covering a vast scope of day-to-day topics and helps users dive in and master the Chinese language in a more natural and effective way. The length of the videos is approximately 5 minutes, which is concise enough to make learning interesting and not boring.

The ChineseABC app also features interesting professional courses designed by a Ph.D. holder and expert teachers of Chinese as a Foreign Language. Other features of the app include speech recognition to test the pronunciation and help users speak accurately, Dedicated Pinyin lessons help you establish a solid foundation for Chinese phonic, and game-like quizzes after each lesson. The app also covers a wide range of topics of everyday life in China including shopping, traveling, food ordering, booking, and renting, making it the perfect app for learning the Chinese language.

The ChineseABC app is the ideal app for individuals, professionals, and business owners who desire to learn the Chinese language for either personal, career, or corporate advantage. It is fun, easy and convenient to use and learn the Chinese language on the go.

ChineseABC App Features Highlight:

  • Dedicated Pinyin lessons help you establish a solid foundation for Chinese phonics.
  • Real-life videos with detailed explanations cover a vast scope of day-to-day topics.
  • Mini-lessons of five minutes or less allows you to learn anywhere, anytime.
  • Advanced speech recognition checks your pronunciation and improves your speaking accuracy.
  • Have fun practicing your Chinese with extended listening, reading, speaking and writing exercises.

The ChineseABC app is available on the iOS App Store and can be used on any iOS supported device – iPhone and iPad.

More information about the ChineseABC app can be found on their Website. You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get the latest information and update.

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