Politigoofs, LLC Offering Comedic Politically-Inspired Shirts For Sale

May 07 01:56 2019
Includes Many Shirts Highlighting the Craziest In Politics

May 6, 2019 – Miami – With so much talk going on about the threat of socialism and outsiders trying to enter the country, it helps to have a bit of a laugh every once in a while. Politigoofs, LLC is looking to lighten the load by offering many outrageous politically-influenced shirts online at politigoofs.com.

Politigoofs, LLC is devoted to showcasing many of the outlandish and outrageous statements made by today’s most polarizing liberals by creating t-shirts with their own unique spin on said statements. These include shirts that highlight some of the things people want to say, but are too afraid of doing so online, presumably because Jack or Mark might censor them.

The shirts offered by Politigoofs, LLC include many amusing messages and memes. There’s one shirt that prays for the health of President Trump and Vice President Pence because Speaker Nancy Pelosi could take over at any moment. There’s a shirt cheering on Howard Schultz for his possible run as an independent candidate for President in 2020.

Another shirt highlights ex-FBI Director James Comey, as the latest member of the Society of Amnesiacs. One features two state governors, Andrew Cuomo, and blackface enthusiast Ralph Northam, behind bars for committing infanticide. The Chicago Cook County prosecutor’s office is being roasted in yet another shirt highlighting “justice” for the fourth-rate actor and “crime victim” Jussie Smolett, with fresh new designs coming almost daily.

These fun and satirical shirts offered by Politigoofs are definitely appealing enough to get anyone talking at a rally. Customers can get these shirts delivered to their homes with free domestic shipping. Visit politigoofs.com to see the most up-to-date designs and to place an order.

Politigoofs, LLC t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and a cotton/polyester blend, each of which can be washed with other clothes of similar colors. The process of taking care of these shirts is so easy to handle that even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can wash them (Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration.)

Because these shirts are entertaining enough that customers will want to buy more than one, Politigoofs, LLC is offering volume discounts: buy two shirts and get 10 percent off with free shipping. Buy three shirts and get 20 percent off, also with free shipping. These deals are limited to one order per address.

Check back often because Politigoofs.com is coming out with new t-shirt designs almost daily, and soon they will be bringing their hilarity to life with talking political figurines!

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