Mabwe Social Networking Site – Creating a Marketplace for Africans

May 07 01:48 2019
Mabwe Social Networking Site - Creating a Marketplace for Africans
Where they can find their Ideal Employment & Business Opportunities via Social Media Connectedness

In this digital era, social networking sites have become an integral part of life. Social networks that exist today have very distinct and different functions. Instagram is an images-based stories social network platform, Twitter is for concise and catchy messages sharing with the general with images tagging along while Facebook allows longer written posts along with images too accompanying them – Facebook also allows family and friends staying in touch options.

WhatsApp and SnapChat are more fine-tuned to communication via text, voice calls and video calls. Jumping onto the bandwagon of these social networking sites is Mabwe. Mabwe is a social networking site that specifically caters to those from the place of where humanity originated from – the African continent. Mabwe is a newly innovated social networking site which has 4 categories or filters, Connect, Career, Mabwe411 and Marketplace Africa. Not only does it have a website, users can download Mabwe on Apple and Google Play store as well.

Mabwe targets African youth that live in the cities of African nations that are politically motivated and take an active interest in all issues African. Mabwe aspires to be a social networking site that unites Africans not only in the African region but Africans who live across the width and breadth of the globe vying to stay connected with their African brethren and stay in touch with issues impacting Africa and Africans all over the world.

The Marketplace Africa niche by Mabwe is predominantly inspired by DJ Sbu – the South African industrialist who is also a hustler. As the last feature of Mabwe, Marketplace Africa’s potential and importance should not be underestimated. Marketplace Africa posts and reposts opportunities available in all the African marketplaces. It uses Twitter and people seeking opportunities within markets exclusive to Africa will find it immensely useful. Marketplace Africa is a repository of employment, job-seeking and business opportunities whereby it connects those people with specific needs with the people who have the resources to fulfill those particular needs. Marketplace Africa of Mabwe also serves as a hub where buyers and sellers meet and post the products and services they are selling to the market.Mabwe provides the medium for the market manifestation.

Mabwe’s founder is confident the main categories or filters of Mabwe that comprise of Connect, Career, Mbawe411 and Marketplace Africa combine to form a social networking platform that is in a league of its own. The innovation of Mabwe is the result of technology diversification that opens up the door of endless possibilities.

Mabwe’s attributes are a mixture of connective digital technology in the realm of social networking. It’s truly a multi-purpose platform that covers a number of social network building and information sharing. With the combined social networking niches within Mabwe, the potential is vast as well as varied.

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