Greatwalle Inc introduces unicorn company Jusfoun Big Data as a strategic investor, making efforts in the field of Financial Big Data

May 02 19:30 2019

Greatwalle Inc (, a Hong Kong-listed company, announced on April 29 that its major shareholder, Greatwalle holdings, has signed a share transfer agreement with B&R Data Industry Development Co., LTD (the purchaser). Greatwalle holdings transferred 224 million shares, accounting for about 18.00% of the company’s issued share capital, to the Hong Kong subsidiary of Jusdoun Big Data Group.

According to the announcement, B&R Data Industry Development Co., LTD is a wholly-owned subsidiary registered in Hong Kong by Jusfoun Big Data Group, and its controlling shareholder is Mr. Wang Sanshou.

Jusfoun Big Data Group is a Chinese unicorn company and a state-level high-tech enterprise in the field of big data application in China, with an estimated value of 11 billion yuan. It has completed the round of ABCD financing with an amount of 2 billion yuan. Its main businesses include government data application service, city data asset operation and artificial intelligence data sourcing service. Up to now, Jusfoun has incubated, invested and acquired more than 40 big data application and service companies, and jointly established data asset operation and management companies with 80 cities and local state-owned holding platforms.

Financial big data is undoubtedly the hot spot nowadays. Many investment Banks and financial institutions have enter the market ahead of time. Goldman sachs, which pays $400m a year to buy third-party financial data and also sells market data to clients, is making some profit already. At this time, Greatwalle management company introduced the first-class Big Data enterprises as strategic investors, leaves people an open end to its real intention behind.

The reaction from the capital market also showed investors’ attitude towards the business outlook. On April 29, Greatwalle’s closing price raised up to 0.135 yuan, increased 58.82 percent from the previous trading day.

Greatwalle Inc, which is mainly engaged in M&A fund business, completed the acquisition of GuangHui group and changed its name to Greatwalle Inc ( last year. Up to now, the main business of the company has expanded from security services and mobile games to asset management, investment consulting and financial big data service. As the current mobile gaming business gradually shrinking, security services do not have a strong competitive market environment, financial big data as a new business is particularly eye-catching.

The introduction of the Jusfoun Big Data strategic investment will undoubtedly play an important role in Greatwalle Inc’s improvement of its ecosystem in asset management, consulting and management services and financial big data services.

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