Eco Warrior Brinkley Davies Speaks Up for Abused Elephants in India

May 02 18:03 2019
Brinkley Davies is a wildlife and nature lover and the founder/CEO of a non-profit organization called Balu Blue Foundation that promotes the rescue and conservation of wildlife species across the globe.

2 May, 2019 – Brinkley Davies, an Eco Warrior and wildlife lover recently spoke up for abused elephants in India after her trip to India being a part of a wildlife project. The founder and CEO of Balu Blue Foundation Inc. shares the experience of her Ethical Travel to India for creating awareness regarding the plight of elephants for entertainment and other purposes. Being a wildlife and environment lover, Brinkley Davies shares her gratitude towards the organizations like Treadright, Contiki Cares and SOS to let her be a part of the wildlife project during which she came to know the misery of elephants in India that are going through enslavement getting forced into a few activities like begging, displaying outside temples and entertainment of people. She mentions that there is huge ignorance and lack of awareness towards these precious species that has led to this situation today. These species are physically exploited for commercial purposes. Davies also mentions that there are a few dedicated wildlife protection organizations like Wildlife SOS that took initiatives like setting up refuge for rescued elephants that is named as Elephant Conservation and Care Centre.

The founder of Balu Blue Foundation is quite active on social media platforms especially on Instagram where she posts her photos related to her love of wildlife, plant-based lifestyle (vegan), freediving and surfing trips, her work with animals, care for environment and more. Davies recently took to her Instagram account to share a post describing her conversations and experiences with Wildlife SOS. The centre strives to Rescue Elephants who go through enormous mental and physical torture and exploitation for the sake of display, entertainment and other commercial purposes in India. She also mentions that the centre is growing fast and taking phenomenal initiatives towards elephants and other animal species that badly need a rescue from torture and ignorance. Speaking more about their inspiring endeavors towards these poor elephants who have gone through physical torture in logging, tourism, circuses and other industries, Davies says that the centre has provided a safe shelter for these species and taking adequate care of them that they deserve. She also shares her experience during her visit to Amber Fort in India where she witnessed a very saddening scenario of utilizing elephants in scorching heat for commercial rides for the tourists. She expressed her grief and concern related to such activities that need a full stop and adequate awareness worldwide.

About Brinkley Davies:

Brinkley Davies is a wildlife and nature advocate and the Founder/CEO of a non-profit organisation and Registered Charity called Balu Blue Foundation that promotes the rescue and conservation of wildlife species across the globe. Davies holds a Bachelor Degree in Marine Biology, a long list of conservation work and has been an official nominee for Australian of the Year Award 2017 and 2018 for her valuable contribution in various fields and being an inspiration to the people of her generation and the next.

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