Plastic Card Online Company Announces to Supply Barcode Cards & Combo Key Tags For Launching Business Benefit Programs

May 02 13:33 2019
Plastic Card Online prints combo key tags and barcode cards that a business can use for starting their business benefit program to help consolidate relationships with customers.

A business can easily lure its existing or new customers with the help of combo key tags or plastic membership cards. Plastic Card Online can supply plastic key tags that can be used as a loyalty card by many types of businesses, such as health spas, salons, clubs, restaurants and others. These barcode enabled cards can easily record member’s activities and can be useful for other applications as well. Besides, the company also offers barcode cards that are also ideal for membership or loyalty programs run by a business.

Plastic Card Online Company Announces to Supply Barcode Cards & Combo Key Tags For Launching Business Benefit Programs

The company spokesperson reveals that they excel in combo key tag printing that come with barcodes for tracking members’ tasks. These could be plastic key tags alone or could be in the form of combo key tags. The combo cards are a mix of cards and key tags. Clients can choose from the plastic key tags or keychain cards, as per their choice. Plastic Card Online can also deliver combo cards with magnetic strips. They allow full color printing at a cost-effective price. A client can send them the details of the plastic key tags, and Plastic Card Online can design the tags as per the requirements of the client.

Plastic Card Online also specializes in the production of the barcode card that can include machine readable data. This type of card represents data in the form of parallel lines and different letters and numbers. These barcode cards are often used for loyalty schemes and which help a business to record valuable data related to their customers. The barcode cards are generally of two types: thermal printed cards and spray printed cards. Plastic Card Online can supply thermal printed cards, which are durable and record data more clearly. They can also supply barcode cards in different formats, including the most widely used card format of Code39. The barcode size can also vary as per the card size and the requirement. These cards can be read and scanned by the optical scanners. In supermarkets, there are handheld devices used for scanning these cards. Many smartphones also come with barcode readers that can read the barcodes. The software sends the data to a computer, where it can be stored.

The company can also supply the diecut plastic card that a business can use for its brand building or promotional purposes. They maintain a ready stock of a range of die cut plastic cards in a variety of designs and dimensions for a client to choose from. If the client doesn’t find the card in the desired dimension in their portfolio, they can also request for a custom die cut card from the company. Plastic Card Online supplies custom die cut plastic cards that can easily draw the attention of the target audience. These beautiful cards can present a business in a more imaginative and distinctive manner for advertising and marketing of a variety of products. The company offers die cut plastic cards at budget-friendly prices.

One can learn more about die cut plastic cards, barcode cards and plastic key tags the company supplies by visiting their website

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