Hostile: An Urban Tragedy Is Giving People All The Life Lessons They Need To Live Up To Their American Dream

February 25 15:39 2019
A true story for all the millennial to reflect on!

Central Florida, USA – Hostile: An Urban Tragedy is now topping the Amazon’s best seller list and is a must read book for anybody who wishes to overcome hurdles in the path of success. Darius Slaughter, the author of this thrilling book has shared the true account of his life. He writes about the events that turned out during his pursuit of money, fame and power and how amidst all the dangers he used his cunning and intelligence to eventually get his hands on the success that he desperately looked for.

Darius M. Slaughter was a National Merit Scholar and won state in journalism. Earlier in his life he had to face some adversities due to which he had to balance college, two jobs and parental issues. Later on he struggled to be in the ‘legal’ grounds and took comfort in aligning himself to more lucrative but lethal and illegal tasks. Through this book he sheds all his masks and comes transparent in front of the world. Hostile book is extremely detailed and contains Slaughter’s intimate experiences. Therefore, it is advised that people with closed mind and weak heart don’t cross ways with it. However, for people who are emotionally strong this book is highly recommended as it gives you a reality check and narrates a firsthand experience of climbing the daunting ladder to glory.

Currently, Darius and Doom are committed to visit as many places as they can and invite youth and teens to become a part of the Hostile Movement. This movement’s aim is to give its proponents a mindset of courage and persistence. As Darius says: “Often success lies far beyond the boundaries of our comfort zone. Train your mind to reach beyond comfort to greatness.” His sense of self development can also be visualized from his another mantra: “My wealth is not measured by my possessions but rather the caliber of Men//Women that stand by me in feast and famine.” Darius and doom are engaged in empowering young minds by refocusing them on literacy, critical thinking, and discernment.

Darius and Doom are regularly planning visits and they love to conduct sessions with youth and adults alike. Darius aims to make people understand that they should never give up. No matter how difficult it may seem but living the true American Dream is possible. If he could achieve it, considering his modest and humble beginnings anybody with right mind set and dedication can achieve it too.

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Hostile: An Urban Tragedy is the latest book by Darius Slaughter. It is available in both, the paperback and electronic versions. It is an account of Darius’s life and how he dealt with tribulations to finally taste the nectar of success. Currently he serves the people by spreading awareness regarding critical thinking and literacy along with his service dog Doom.

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