Hong Kong’s Capital Asset Management Limited Announces the Successful Restructure of its Retail and Corporate Divisions

February 25 15:38 2019

Capital Asset Management Limited is proud to announce the restructuring of both it’s retail and corporate divisions, which has created the opportunity to be involved in one if not the largest IPO that is set to make its debut later this year. It was on September 26th, 1996 that this boutique investment house was officially established to play an active role in the IPO market, not just in its home country of Hong Kong but also on a global scale.

Focused firmly on the future and very proud of what it has accomplished, Capital Asset Managementcelebrates the past 23 years by acknowledging the vision of its architects and the contribution of those who built the institution from the ground up. Thanks to them and to all employees and of course their clients, from the past to today, Capital Asset Management Limited has evolved from a Hong Kong asset management company to a world-class and well-respected player within the investment sector.

On the 5th of February 2019, Capital Asset Management Limited will celebrate the restructuring in style. To celebrate the occasion, the company will be opening its doors to new investors and providing a fantastic opportunity to be part of potentially the largest IPO to ever debut on the Hong Kong market. Capital Asset Management Limited had been a major player in the IPO market since its inception just 23 years ago. Its most successful placement for clients is Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) which was one of the most excited IPOs in history. It listed on May 1, 2012, and raised $16.007 billion and the $25 billion New York IPO of Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba in 2014.

Ant Financial Services Group may not be a household name in the western world,but in China, Hong Kong,and the Far East as a whole, the company is at the forefront of its industry. Ant Financial Services Group (Ant Financial) was officially founded in October 2014 and originated from Alipay which is the world’s leading third-party payment platform founded in 2004. Ant Financial controls China’s biggest online payment service, Alipay. Its IPO would likely be among the biggest ever for Hong Kong, though the specific amount to be raised hasn’t been decided. Ant Financial, controlled by Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma, just recently completed a $10 billion equity fundraising round. Analysts’ valuations have varied wildly, ranging from $70 billion to $100 billion USD. A Reuter’s survey from 25 analysts produced a $93 billion average.

Besides Alipay, Ant Financial also controls the company that manages Yu’E Bao, the nation’s largest money-market fund.

Capital Asset Management Limited has a small but impressive client base and a fast-growing number of global partners. The team has grown significantly over the past 23 years and, in doing so, has brought tremendous value to the financial sector.

The company is in a prime position within the private equity market and has a wealth of experience in the Pre-IPO market, and within dependent analysis confirming that the next 18 months within the Pre IPO and IPO markets set to break all global records in funding, the company sees this as their opportunity to provide clients and the company with a place right at the top.

About Capital Asset Management Limited, Hong Kong

Capital Asset Management is a leading privately held investment management firm, committed to delivering superior investment performance and building long-term client relationships since its founding in 1996.

Serving investment professionals, institutions, corporations, and individual investors, Capital Asset Managementoffers a variety of actively managed investment disciplines through an array of products including secure funds andseparate institutional accounts. The company’s 400 employees serve clients from its headquarters in Hong Kong, with Martin Shau as Chairman and President, and Lui Ching Cheong as Chief Financial Officer.

Capital Asset Management specializes in Blue Chip equities, Fixed Dividend Funds,and secure IPOs. It is a firm that believes in low risk and high reward investment products which are available to investors today. Their prime focus is Asia, North America,and emerging global countries.

For more information about Capital Asset Management Limited, visit www.assetmanagementhk.com

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