Dream Mentor And Business Coach Releases New Year’s Resolution App

December 28 01:24 2018

Dec 27, 2018 – Organizational Psychologist (and martial arts sensei) turned Dream Entrepreneur releases New Year’s resolution app that solves the New Year’s resolution dilemma. Instead of resolutions fizzling out by February, users of the app stay engaged because of reminders and notifications the app sends out that helps them follow through on commitments like New Year’s resolutions, life goals and dreams. “I think I’ve been in the dream business all my life,” said Winslow Swart, Organizational Psychologist and 7th dan (degree) Kenseido sensei “but it wasn’t until I specifically began mentoring people in achieving their dreams, that I went all in and developed this app.”

The dream app was featured at Techstars Startup Week 2018 and has generated thousands of downloads, giving users a jump on their resolutions for the New Year.

On the 1MDreams App, users identify their resolutions, or dreams, as well as the actions and timelines for achieving them. On the 1MDreams app’s dashboard, several categories of dreams appear and are shared in a feed where dreamers inspire one another, like, comment, and provide the connections that help make their dreams real, creating communities of dreamers and doers. Within one’s own dream profile, the app alerts and notifies users reminding them to take action which helps hold oneself accountable for their own progress and success.  

With hundreds of dreams being achieved on the app in categories ranging from education, career, adventure, fitness, social impact, startups, relationships, and creative pursuits, there is no shortage of inspiration to help motivate fellow dreamers to collaborate and take action. Once a dream is achieved the dream changes from a white background to gold in color and includes a badge as form of gamification for success. Anyone can download the app for free and currently there are no ads. The founders are also opposed to introducing pop-ups in the future out of respect for users on the platform.

The Apps two major components: creating a positive social platform; and a purpose driven mobile app drives the One Million Dreams apps’ core purpose of improving lives and communities and building a world of dreamers and doers. The One Million Dreams mobile application, is initially being released as a freemium product, with plans for subscription, affiliate, and customized, licensed products for educators and employers to be released in 2019.

Developers of the app are also currently working with educators and employers, and several professional organizations to deliver 1MDreams pilot programs as well as providing speaking ad mentoring engagements to help onboard new communities of dreamers. 1MDreams is now tracking to onboard their first 10,000 users.

This application is built on both iOS for iPhone and Android platforms and can be accessed at the AppStore and Google Play Store respectively, via these links:



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