Using Fashion Influence to Convey more than one Beauty in the East, China’s First Fashion Blogger Personal IP Landed on Times Square, New York

December 19 16:00 2018

On December 19th, a large set of posters with Chinese characteristics appeared in 7 large screens of Reuters in Times Square, New York. Brush pen, Cattail leaf fan, lane, Chinese cool girl’s face… It is reported that this is the advertisement of the Chinese fashion blogger Bao gongzi (Sina Weibo: Bao gongzijie’er) personal IP “Fashion Madam” is about to start broadcasting, and she is exactly the first Chinese fashion blogger landing on New York Times Square with a personal IP.

It is understood that Bao Gongzi is a girl from An’hui province in China. She said that Huangshan, writing brush, ink and other things are very representative in China. In recent years, in the international fashion stage, many Chinese designers have conveyed the Chinese style through their works and made many people in the world see the popularity of Chinese style through fashion. Therefore, as an influential Chinese fashion blogger, how to spread Chinese culture through their own professional advantages and gather more like-minded friends to do something more valuable is a question that she has been thinking about. Today, she has grown into a young Chinese fashion blogger with more than 8.5 million Chinese fans. She wants to let more people understand the Chinese style through fashion by a short video program. She believes that fashion is a diverse and colorful expression. Everyone can have their own interpretation and understanding. As a Chinese fashion blogger, it is a very proud thing to be able to show more than one kind of beauty in the East by dressing.

At present, this fashion program “Fashion Madam” has been officially launched on December 17th in overseas YouTube (YouTube search: fashion madam) and Sina Weibo (search: Baogongzi & fashion madam), one episode per day. Each season will have people of different identities and themes. There are 30 episodes in the first season, 30 Chinese fashion bloggers were invited to participate in the program, and they will interpret and demonstrate Chinese style fashion through different types of wearing.

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