CPack unveils the 3000 Super Gift Wrapper in the run-up to Christmas.

December 07 01:56 2018

As the holiday season us almost upon us companies are in a mad dash to offer their customers value-added services that may give them the edge over the competition. A new innovative Gift Wrapping Machine by the leading packaging systems manufacturer Cpack Ltd may be the answer. The highly efficient Giftwrap 3000 Super Gift Wrapping Machine is an Automatic Computer controlled system designed to deliver unmatched product versatility and quality.

Cpack’s wrapping machines are already renowned worldwide, with most Christmas puddings being wrapped worldwide through their machinery. With their new ingenious 3000 Super Gift Wrapping Machine, the company could be more involved than ever in bringing the holiday cheer. The Giftwrap 3000 Super can wrap up to 50 products a minute and is the only machine in the world that can wrap ballotin boxes as used by premium Chocolate producers. It is designed to work with environmentally friendly bio-degradable materials that are mostly available across the globe. The machine produces a hand-wrapped appearance that is ideal for gift boxes and more commonly used with chocolates, cakes, and cosmetics.

The machine will revolutionise the wrapping of presents and will make it more time efficient and cost effective while maintaining versatility. The Cpack spokesperson said, “We are proud to announce the launch of our latest machine, we believe that we have outdone ourselves with our new Giftwrap 3000 Super. The computer-controlled design allows our gift wrapping machine to wrap a diverse selection of box sizes, with quick change over time. With an ever-growing product portfolio, our system can wrap countless boxed products using plain, patterned or bar-coded wrapping material.”

The Giftwrap 3000 Super is Industry 4.0 Compatible and fully-automated and has a convenient magazine sheetfed, a reel of paper or vertical sheet feeder mechanism options for maximum versatility. Users can use gift wrapping material in any format to achieve a hand wrapped appearance for gift boxes and toiletries, the machine auto aligns wrapping material for a perfectly symmetrical wrap every time. Furthermore, the system is computer controlled which enables the gift wrapping machine to wrap a diverse selection of boxes sizes all in one machine with quick changeovers times to minimise downtime.

Besides the variable speeds of up to 50 products per minute, the Giftwrap 300 can be ordered in either stainless steel or powdered paint, each machine has an HMI colour touch screen and related memorable settings. It controls on a pivoting arm allowing easy operation from multiple positions.

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Cpack is a UK based specialist packaging machine systems manufacturer. With an in-house design team, all projects are controlled from concept to installation. Cpack has a worldwide customer base that spans across various industries.

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