Chelle Coin Forging Ahead Through Bearish Crypto-Market

December 07 01:46 2018
Market Trends Have No Effect on This Crypto Real Estate Revolution

Mississauga, Ontario – December 6, 2018 – Cryptocurrency may be in a slump now, but that doesn’t mean defeat. Cryptocurrency has always been an underdog defying all odds, and today’s market is no different. The world of crypto needs stability now more than ever – and Chelle Coin is here to help you weather that storm.

Crypto experts predicted the market would turn bearish by the end of the year and fall below $6,000 support. Falling through this significant price level has led to many enthusiasts now feeling we may have hit the end times for crypto.

But the crypto market has no bearing on Chelle Coin. Unlike many other coins, Chelle Coin is revolutionary in that it is not held back by any fluctuations. And unlike other cryptocurrencies, the real estate business is booming. Chelle Coin is backed by tangible real estate assets that aren’t speculative and won’t fail. Chelle Corp., the minds behind Chelle Coin, are proving that their coin is not a speculative investment – it’s a new way to engage in real estate.

Through the Chelle Platform, available early next year, users are tethered directly to recurring residual income through Chelle Corp.’s state of the art smart contract technology. The Chelle Platform fully automates the real estate investing process at the touch of your fingers, whether it be in the form of an app or through their website. This unprecedented platform seamlessly blends blockchain into the archaic real estate investment process. The end result is a user-friendly experience with the benefits of both spheres, and the downsides of neither – the stability of real estate investments with the technological capability only offered by crypto.

The dangers of crypto, and what has led many to become apprehensive of it over the past year, is its volatility. The Chelle Coin is the answer to those that worry about losing their investments, but still see the hope in the future of cryptocurrency. Chelle Coin is the gateway to safe, secure real estate investing in a time when we could all use strong and stable investment strategies. In spite of the unpredictability of cryptocurrency investments, real estate has proven to be the reliable alternative. Moreover, Chelle Coin modernizes the entire process, allowing real estate investments to be as easy as making purchases on Amazon. No tedious paperwork, no potential for human error, no working through third parties. That also means no speculative cryptocurrency investing. Chelle Coin puts safe, reliable investing in your hands in a time when no other competing coin can offer the same. 

Regardless of the crypto market’s ups and downs, it won’t change that Chelle Coin is the future of real estate investments. Chelle Corp.’s goals are to open up lucrative real estate options to everyone, bypassing all barriers and bringing these opportunities to the modern world of blockchains and DApps. For all investors looking for alternatives in this bearish market, Chelle Corp. guarantees the Chelle Coin is the smarter, safer option.

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