TVC Mall Was Invited to Google Partners Summit 2018 For Their Success In Using Google SSC

November 19 21:45 2018

The Google Partners Summit 2018 was held in Taibei, Taiwan on November 14th – November 15th. In Shanghai, there is an affiliated venue.

USA, 16th November

Leaders from Google different fields, different markets as well as Google partners from Greater China all came together at this annual grand event to discuss and have an exchange on how to create a new high in the coming year.

TVC Mall Was Invited to Google Partners Summit 2018 For Their Success In Using Google SSC

The main venue speech guest are Arlene Ang, the Vice President of Greater China Region Digital Marketing Solution. She has over 20 years related experiences of advertising, from brand management to CRM, social media to mobile advertising.

Ben Wong, Greater China Region CMO, he has rich consumer insight and brand owner communication experiences in Asia and USA market. He leads several famous multinational brand owner achieved quite influencing marketing campaigns and marketing strategy innovation. Including P&G, JNJ, Hongkong Disneyland as well as Starbucks China. 

Bai Yong, Channel Business Division General Manager, Google senior internet marketing expert with 10 years Intel company working experiences. He has rich practical experience and deep opinions in internet marketing, generalizing fields.

Rupert Lai, Product Solution Manager. He works to provide Google clients effective products and Youtube marketing programs consultation.

Specially invited speech guest: Hiroaki Kitazume, Executive Director and concurrently in charge of CMO of IREP。

JooHo In, General Manager of eMnet. He is in charge of advertising technique strategy and solution exploitation based on Software Rheid and network specialty.

Affiliated venues speech guest team: Josh Wang, Key Client Agent Section Business Director. He is in charge of Google agents related businesses.

Rosa Wu, Greater China Region Advanced International Development Counselor. He provides consultation and analysis for Greater China Region agents’ overseas business development.

Jane Li, Greater China Region Channel Business Division Account Director. Jane has 10 years of advertising business experiences in Google. She is leading a team to help medium and small enterprises to achieve digitalize marketing goals.

Speech guest shared how to leverage Google to help enterprises get success in overseas business in AI era, and how machine learning remodel the methods people apply science and tools. And how to use Google tools to strategize. Experts in Google different fields introduced various of product new knowledge, Google insight along with successful cases at digital ages.

TVC Mall is very honored to be invited to the summit, and that TVC Mall made full use of Google SSC (Smart Search Campaign) was shared at the meeting as a successful case. At the beginning, TVC MALL spent relatively high advertising marketing fees, then TVC Mall make the attempt to use SSC, run different ads for different regions, refined the ads setting, reduced CPA 75% of two new regions, solved the high cost of customer acquisition problem,and ROI was also improved.                               

TVC Mall Was Invited to Google Partners Summit 2018 For Their Success In Using Google SSC

The 2018 excellent partners grand prize cited the excellent partners who works hard and active in innovate in order to provide outstanding digital marketing solution. Google excellent partners grand prize winner shared their successful experiences at the scene and go into the market trends in some depth, forge developing strategies to be fit for each market.

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