German Liectroux Smoking-Quit Robot Helps Smokers To Quit Smoking Successfully

November 13 22:55 2018

As we all know, smoking is harmful to people’s health. Smoking can cause cancer, leading to a significant increase in the disease incidence of coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease, increasing disease incidence of lung cancer, causing damage to brain health and so on. In addition, people living and working around smokers unconsciously inhale smoke dust and various toxic substances. The concentration of harmful substances inhaled by passive smokers is not lower than that of smokers. And the smoke of passive smoking can also cause serious diseases such as malignant tumors such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart and cerebrovascular diseases and so on.

The dangers of smoking are so great that many smokers are aware of this problem, but it is often difficult for smokers to insist on quitting smoke. They often fail to quit smoking for various reasons. To this end, in order to help smokers successfully quit smoking. German Liectroux Robotics Institute has especially developed a smoking cessation robot o help smokers to quit smoking quickly and completely.

German Liectroux Smoking-Quit Robot Helps Smokers To Quit Smoking Successfully

The smoking cessation robot is small in size so smokers can carry it with them. It works by helping smokers quit smoking in two stages. When smokers’ addiction occurs and they ignite cigarettes, the robot will immediately sense the smoke and then automatically turn on the work mode. Firstly, it will start the first stage of work, which is imitating the way that smokers smoke in front of them. The chest of the robot is transparent so smokers can see clearly that the process of smoke inhaling into smokers’ mouth and through the lungs, the harmful nicotine and tobacco tar in the smoke slowly accumulating in the lungs and turning the lungs into black lungs. At the same time of the smoking show, the smoking cessation robot will simultaneously perform a voice commentary, allowing smokers to understand the dangers of smoking in a very intuitive way, thus eliminating their idea of continuing smoking. If smokers still can not control themselves from smoking after the first stage, then the robot will immediately start the second stage of work, which is emitting gas to eliminate the addiction so that smokers will lose the desire to smoke and stop smoking. And the robot cessation robot can also affect smokers’ sensory nerves to allow them to feel the intense cough and other strong discomfort caused by excessive smoking so that smokers have to give up smoking.

German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute has been studying in the field of robot vacuum cleaner for decades. (You can view the website: or With its strong expert resources and technical support, rigorous and fine style as well as advanced and perfect equipment etc. It has developed and applied the intelligent robots to various kinds of fields. And many have been widely used in people’s daily life and the robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics has become a good helper for household cleaning in people’s daily life.

The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute adopts self-developed high-precision laser ranging sensor, which can accurately build plan cleaning routes at a speed of 6×360° per second through its ingenious intelligent algorithm. Secondly, its professional variable frequency brushless motor forged by high-precision pure lead not only has high temperature resistance and high number of revolutions, but also can bring strong suction up to 1500Pa. In addition, its unique zigzag cleaning mode has high cleaning coverage and is able to achieve better cleaning results. And  the zigzag cleaning mode can also save time, no dead ends and omissions. Once the robot vacuum cleaner was launched, it was loved by consumers and snapped up by consumers.

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