Facebook Alternatives: New Rivals Enter The Social Networking Marketplace

November 13 02:50 2018

Facebook is currently one of the biggest social networking sites on the internet and with various other subsidiaries; it now has direct influence on over nearly half of all traffic on the internet. The social network’s core service alone serves well over 2 billion users worldwide.

However, despite its convenience and easy-of-use while staying connected to family and friends, more and more users are growing increasingly concerned about just one singular company storing up so much personal data.

Nonetheless, the popularity of the social networking platforms the main reason why a lot of users are considering exiting the site, but then it’s equally the same reason why it becomes quite difficult to do so. However, with newer rivals trooping into the social networking marketplace, there are now a plethora of alternatives – especially with Facebook struggling with policies regarding user’s privacy.

With Facebook admitting that around 50 million to about 87 million users were affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the #DeleteFacebook campaign has been received more and more support.

However, there are now other alternative apps for users to switch to. In fact, other social networks are some of the best places to get a more secure and less intrusive experience.

One of such apps is the FaceCast app, a video social networking app that offers special and easy-to-use features of a regular social networking app. However, FaceCast is more sophisticated than just any regular social networking app, as users can enjoy live video streams, watch interesting and trending video clips, meet new friends and have a group chat with their own friends on the app.

FaceCast has a live stream feature where users can chat with a broadcaster privately by sending them what they term “gifts” or like on conventional social media apps, when you follow each other you automatically become friends – and begin chatting instantly. A unique feature within the app is that users can earn free diamonds and send gifts to their favorite broadcaster – and without recharging, you are given a minimum of 5 gifts you can send daily.

One of the amazing features of the FaceCast app is its massive library of creative video clips. This feature is a perfect way to entertain yourself while bored. Additionally, just like other video sharing apps, you can upload your own personal videos, but it is more likely to be recommended there – as you share special moments of your life. The icing on the cake is you not only get likes on your videos, but also gifts for each video you make – making it much better than what Facebook offers.

Another feature that is worthy of mention on the FaceCast app is the instant random match video chat (1Vs1 as it’s called within the app). This feature allows you meet new people from anywhere in the world – whether they are within your location or in another continent. All it takes is a tap to find new friends and start your random chat journey and have a quality video chat with him or her “1 on 1”.

Also, more added functions like moments and groups are what make FaceCast an interesting app – and a strong rival in the social networking marketplace.

Furthermore, a great substitute for WhatsApp is Telegram as it offers an almost exact experience with a lot of features similar to those of the Facebook owned messaging app. Telegram was also the first mainstream messaging app to offer its users full data encryption and has similar privacy credentials to that of WhatsApp – however, it faced some tough criticism about not being fully encrypted by default.

Signal is a messaging app that is a lot more privacy-centric and being the platform of choice for NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden, the app was designed with security and privacy as its core focus. Threema is another application that focuses on privacy as no phone number is required to join the platform – which ensures the other party you want to chat with doesn’t need to request your number. One main downside to Threema, however, is that it’s a paid app.

Vero is a social networking site which aims at tackling the dilemma that arises between choosing between the best interests of the users or that of the platforms. Vero is an ad-free platform that rather chooses a subscription-based business model to ensure that it doesn’t turn its users into products that can be monetized.

Completely cutting ties with Facebook for some users might also mean severing ties with family and friends who use the platform and its various subsidiaries as their primary method of online communication. However, with more social networking sites rivalling Facebook, and offering a better experience – just like FaceCast – it’s only a matter of time before more users jump ships to these privacy-centric platforms.

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