Dr. John Johnson Partners with Z-SYSTEMS to offer More Natural Dental Implants in New Albany, OH

November 09 17:05 2018
Z-SYSTEMShas recently launched a new provider program connecting local communities and ceramic dental implant experts to providenatural, metal-free tooth replacement options.

New Albany, OH – November 9, 2018 – Tooth loss plagues millions of people all over the United States. And, while many people know that missing teeth can make eating more difficult, most people do not realize tooth loss is linked to depression, lower self-esteem, diabetes, certain types of cancers and many other health issues. 30 years ago, the standard of care for tooth replacement was the dental bridge. In the last 20 years, the dental implant has become the top choice among dentists because they are strong and permanent solutions to tooth loss. Now, the trend is moving from metal or titanium implants to metal-free, ceramic dental implants by Z-SYSTEMS.

Z-SYSTEMS’ ceramic dental implants are made from zirconia which is white in color, stronger than titanium, does not conduct heat or electricity and is made to last a lifetime. Z-SYSTEMS is considered the leader in the ceramic dental implant industry because of its precision engineering, manufacturing process and dedication to helping educate both doctors and patients about the benefits of metal-free tooth replacement. 

Recently, Z-SYSTEMS has partnered with local expert dentists who are highly trained in metal-free implant dentistry and connect them with patients in need of natural tooth replacement. In New Albany, OH the choice for the local ceramic dental implant expert was quite easy. Dr. John Johnson of Midwest Holistic Dentistry has been focused on more natural solutions to solve dental problems for decades.

Dr. Johnson was asked why he chooses to partner with Z-SYSTEMS: “We are striving to have metal-free solutions for restorative needs for our patients. Being metal free is our primary goal in this office and we feel that it provides a more holistic perspective to total body health for all of our patients. Cosmetically ceramic implants are white vs the titanium metal steel grey in color. This is more like what God gave us with our own natural teeth and the aesthetics are more natural.”

To learn more about natural tooth replacement with ceramic dental implants, Dr. John Johnson and how to contact him directly, visit www.ceramicmidwest.com.

About Dr. John Johnson

Dr. John W. Johnson graduated from the Ohio State School of Dentistry in 1984. A lifetime resident of Ohio, John was raised in Yellow Springs Ohio and has practiced in Central Ohio since graduating from dental school. His education has not stopped there, Dr. Johnson is a continuous student and spends hundreds of hours each year to stay on top of the latest advances in dentistry, so he can better serve you.

John and his wife Deborah, live on their organic working farm outside of Mt. Vernon, raising grass-fed beef, free-range chickens, Belgian draft horses, dogs and cats. They also enjoy our National Parks and outdoor activities, hiking, skiing, and tennis. A life time student of nutrition and Weston Price DDS (author of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration), Hal Huggins DDS (Author of Its All In Your Head and Why Raise Ugly Kids), Daniel Amen MD and Mark Hyman MD.

Thirty years of experience and training have formed a philosophy that a person’s dental and whole body health are deeply connected. Providing Metal Free Dentistry in an effort to not tax the body’s systems with toxic elements and electrical charges.

Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, Dr Johnson has been a student of Airway and Sleep Health and its connection to mouth size, shape, jaw relations, tongue posture, swallowing and whole body posture.

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