2018 World Internet of Things Ranking List Top 500 Released

November 09 13:30 2018

Recently, the 2018 World Internet of Things Ranking List (WIOTRL) Top 500 was released at the 2018 World Internet of Things Convention(WIOTC). Huawei once again topped the list, and ranked among the top ten with Qualcomm, Bosch, Google, Cisco, China Unicom, Vodafone, IBM, NXP and China Telecom. The WIOTRL is a public benefit event jointly selected by World Internet of Things Convention, which is the world’s most influential IoT International Organization, and the World Internet of Things Foundation, and IoT business organizations in many countries. Fair, cutting-edge, leading, and global, WIOTRL has become the world’s most powerful and authoritative ranking on IoT, as well as the top ranking of the new IoT economy in the world. It has been recognized and participated by UN agencies, industries, organizations, major IoT enterprises, experts and scholars and the international community. This ranking has become the vane of IoT industry organizations, enterprises, technologies, products, solutions and innovative applications, highlighting the strength of high-tech leaders in the era of IoT “wisdom revolution”.

2018 World Internet of Things Ranking List Top 500 (No.1-No.250)

The purpose of establishing the “World Internet of Things Ranking List” is to promote the development of the global IoT industry and the construction of its network system, encourage global enterprises to transform and upgrade towards IoT, help the UN 2030 sustainable development goals, promote the realization of smart life and intelligent work of people all over the world, and create a sustainable new economy of world IoT.

2018 World Internet of Things Ranking List Top 500 (No.251-No. 500)

Based on the principle of openness, fairness and justice, this activity is held through recommendation from industrial associations and organizations, self-recommendation and network selection, etc. Then the list will be selected by a special selection committee composed of international experts and scholars from China, the United States, Germany, France, Japan, India, representatives of the IoT associations, and the WIOTC Expert Advisory Committee.

The WIOTRL is selected from thousands of IoT enterprises around the world, among which 1297 excellent enterprises are selected, covering industries, sensors, agriculture, RFID, logistics, healthcare, cloud computing, big data, transportation, environmental protection, robotics, chips, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, energy, intelligent hardware and terminals, and network communications. The 2018 WIOTRL will select 500 enterprises from the excellent emprises. In the final list, the top 400 companies are IoT network, products, platforms, etc., the latter 100 are the list of development potential, mainly to encourage the innovation and development of global IoT enterprises, and promote the traditional enterprises to transform and upgrade towards IoT, thus benefiting the intelligent life, work and production of the human society, practicing the community of shared future for mankind, building an interconnected world of intelligence, and creating a smart economy of the World IoT.

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