Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer Talks About Rotary Evaporator Laboratory Apparatus And Their Uses

November 09 12:50 2018
Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd is a renowned China based laboratory apparatus manufacturer, which now discusses the uses and importance of the rotary evaporators and vacuum drying ovens in the laboratories.

A rotary evaporator is an important laboratory apparatus that has its own significance in most of the chemical laboratories around the world. Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd is the manufacturer and supplier of various kinds of science lab equipments that come with a long lasting performance and unmatched durability. They also supply rotary evaporator that can be used for distilling different types of solvents in a laboratory.

Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer Talks About Rotary Evaporator Laboratory Apparatus And Their Uses

The company specializes in supplying a wide variety of practical and useful science equipments, and they also share tips and guidance for using these instruments with safety and precautions. They discuss about the laboratory apparatus and their uses, so that one can remain informed about the features and functions of the apparatus to obtain the best results. According to the spokesperson of the company, a rotary evaporator may come with different types of configurations, and generally consists of condensers, distillation flasks, heating pots, motors and other components. The equipment has varied kinds of uses, but is mainly used for concentration, distillation and drying in the synthesis and analysis process. The spokesperson states that they supply the rotary evaporator whose evaporation speed can be controlled electronically.

The spokesperson discusses the rotary evaporator principle and also reveals some important tips on buying a rotary evaporator. The apparatus follows the principle of the constant temperature heating. Before purchasing the apparatus, one needs to determine the amount of distillation that could be handled every day in the laboratory. One should also decide on the number of samples that can be distilled on a daily basis. The approximate boiling points of the solvents are also an important consideration of purchasing a rotary evaporator. It has also to be kept in mind whether toxic, harmful, inflammable and explosive solvents also to be used. The spokesperson also discusses several other factors that may affect the efficiency of a rotary evaporator.

Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer Talks About Rotary Evaporator Laboratory Apparatus And Their Uses

The spokesperson also explains the vacuum drying oven principle and talks about important precautions and maintenance of the electric blast drying ovens. These ovens are used for drying, baking, melting and sterilization in the industrial and mining units. These ovens come with different specifications and with different temperature control range. Users must be aware of a few important safety measures while using the electric blast drying oven, and should refrain from putting perishable, inflammable and explosive materials into the oven. The oven enclosure should always be well grounded to avoid any safety risks. The drying chamber of the oven should always be clean and an appropriate power supply wire must be used. The dry items should not be placed in an excessive dense arrangement.

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Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd is a professional science equipment manufacturer with over 10 years experience in producing and selling vacuum evaporator, vacuum pump, vacuum evaporator, glass reactor, circulating pump, and other laboratory equipment supplies. They provide customers with the best selection specifically tailored laboratory instruments. The company’s CE certificated products have been sold to over 30 countries and are widely applied in chemical engineering, pharmacy and food industries.

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