The Next Bubble Is Bursting and no one is paying attention

November 02 01:35 2018

Nov 1, 2018 – The next MORTGAGE CRASH is here and not many people know about it. Housing market will be crashing soon, it is important that one doesn’t lose ones house or equity. The run on housing, a situation where people have more in loans than they do in equity and start to walk away is beginning to happen as home prices are starting to decline and money is getting tighter and tighter.

Sell Now and lock in your equity as it could be gone sooner than you think.  The 2007-2008 declines were rapid, and caught most people off guard leaving a lot of people hurt financially.  People are thinking that it will not happen again as the government is gradually increasing the rates rather than ripping off the band-aid.  This only is prolonging the 8-10 year cyclical cycle as consumers have not learned from the previous lessons over the past 40 years.

The writing is on the wall and everyone is ignoring it.  This should be a wakeup call to many and the ideal situation is to sell now and stack cash up that you can use to purchase good deals with an extremely low price compared to the current market.  CA and NY will be hit the hardest first, and then other states will follow which will lead to steeper declines and more foreclosures.

Currently 5 of 100 people think there are defaults happening right now.  There is 95% of Americans that do not believe any defaults are occurring right now which is very scary.  As the Beige book stated defaults are increasing, and consumers are still spending and not saving money.  With all of this data the picture becomes crystal clear as to what will happen, drop in value, foreclosures, defaults raising and homeowners with little to no money to pay for their mortgages.

Call Pacific One Real Estate to help you sell before it is too late.  They can help you downsize or sell and sit on the sideline and wait for the hard to get deals as you would have cash in hand. 

Most of the times after purchasing or owing a home, people find it difficult to get a company who they trust with such important financial matter. Pacific One Lending and Real Estate is here to give a redefined experience like never before.

 “When thinking of a mortgage company that encompasses qualified capable employees who will help guide each client through one of the most important decisions they make in their lives (finance), look no further because Pacific One Lending and Real Estate is here to support you with your business plan,” said Chris Beard of Pacific One Lending.

Pacific One Lending and Real Estate was founded to create a beneficial change in the industry. They invested all their savings and opened up shop in the garage of one of their homes.  Through diligence, perseverance, and motivation they were able to open up an office in the heart of Huntington Beach, CA.  Pacific One is more than just a wholesale lender, they can also customize their clients specific business needs in lending and real estate services.

Call Chris Beard (CFO) at 310-351-9441 or Matt DeWeese (CEO) at 714-349-6798 to discuss options that can substantially better your situation.

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