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November 02 01:30 2018

Some of the challenges that people never thought of getting a solution for are no longer difficult again due to innovations that seem to solve them. This has not left the field of cosmetology that has managed to develop a solution towards wrinkles. This solution, according to cosmetologists is known as HIFU. It is an acronym that simply stand for high intensity focused  ultrasound.

HIFU is a skin-friendly painless and irreversible way that is used in reducing wrinkles that can last for a period of two years. It work together with combination of additional applications including lifting of face and brow, the cellulite treatment and the connective tissue tightening. The elastin and collagen production is stimulated by the highly concentrated ultra sound waves that penetrate deep into the facial skin. Immediately after the treatment, a 20% of result can be seen and the full and final result is attained after a period of three to six months.

How does HIFU work

The highly focused ultrasound helps in activating and accelerating the healing process in the neck, face and the décolletage areas thus enable the sagging body skin in tightening itself and finally become more firm. This method mostly depend on the natural regenerative capacity of the body. The skin surface does not get affected in this treatment since it only target the deeper layers of the skin.

An input of a targeted ultrasound energy into the deep skin tissue layers stimulate the production of collagen in the process of this treatment. The tissue therefore get warmed then triggers the response of natural skin that produce the neo-collagen to initiates the regenerative process. The main applications include the following:

• The non-surgical facelifting

• Wrinkle reduction

• The facial shape correction

• The lifting of the cheeks

• The nasolabial folds lifting

• Lifting of the eyebrow

• Reduction of lacrimal sac

• The frown and forehead lines lifting

• Chin reduction

• The skin-smoothing treatment post liposuction

• The décolletage tightening

• The process of treatment

The treatment process is done by moving the ultrasound over the areas under treatment in order for the high intensity focused ultrasound

waves to penetrate to the deep connective tissues to generate the right skin-tightening effects. The upper layer of the skin do not get affected thus this process can be done without a trace.

To counteract the sagging skin, this form of lifting can be used on the entire face. The ideal areas for this treatment include the chin, eyebrow areas, the region around the neck and the cheeks. All areas can be treated at once or an individual area can be treated during a session. Depending on the area to be treated, this treatment process mostly takes between thirty minutes to two and a half hours.

Normally, one HIFU treatment can bring an excellent result though an additional treatment can be done not earlier than 8-12 months after having the first treatment. It is advisable that one should use special cosmetic to promote the regeneration and growth of collagen.

The side effects of HIFU

Since the upper layer of the skin is not damaged by the high intensity ultrasound, you can resume your usual activities after treatment. But in some circumstances, you may experience swelling or slight redness which will diminish quickly. One may also feel a light tingling sensation or have a slight sensitivity to touch for some few weeks and in rare cases, one may also experience a temporary local numbness and bruises. All of these side effects just last for a few days.


The following are the contraindication for HIFU:

• Pacemakers

• Injection of silicone in the treatment areas

• Implantation of metal in the treatment areas

• Blood disorders

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