German Liectroux Elderly Accompanied Robot Allows Elderly Have A Happy Old Age

November 01 22:55 2018

The World Health Organization has found that the number of elderly  living alone is growing rapidly. In contemporary society, many families are in the state that children are working outside and leaving only the elderly at home. Children only go home when the New Year. Some children even not go home for the New Year. Elderly who live alone or whose children do not stay around them are easily derailed from society, thus causing social isolation and depression.

“You grew up with me, I will accompany you to the old.” Actually many children want to accompany their parents to take care of them, but they are unable to serve their parents by their side because of work. The autumn life of the elderly should be warm and plenitude instead of loneliness and helplessness. To this end, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has developed an elderly companion robot that allows the elderly to spend a happy autumn life. While also reducing the worries and guilt towards the elderly of the children that working outside and enable them to focus on working.

German Liectroux Elderly Accompanied Robot Allows Elderly Have A Happy Old Age

The elderly accompanied robot looks like a human being. It possesses the intelligence of an adult and it possesses profound knowledge. What’s more, it can communicate directly with the elderly with voice. It can record and analyze people’s facial expressions, recognize and respond to human emotions through voice and facial expressions. So it can rival “real” persons and act as children of the elderly. It will also observe the preferences of the elderly. And then propose their own suggestions at the appropriate time, such as advising the elderly go out for a walk, contact their family members, meet with friends or ask the elderly to chat with it and play games with it. So that the life of the elderly can be enriched and avoid derailment of the elderly and society and to alleviate the loneliness of the elderly. When the elderly is sick, the robot will take care of the elderly, remind the elderly to take medicine on time, and it can monitor the physical condition of the elderly in real time. In addition, the robot can protect the safety of the elderly. It is in a state of working 24 hours a day and it will conduct automatic wireless charging to continue working when the battery is running low.

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