Z-SYSTEMS and Dr. Scott Hamblin Partner to Provide Metal-Free Tooth Replacement in Sandy, UT

November 01 17:50 2018
Z-SYSTEMS names Dr. Scott Hamblin as its Ceramic Dental Implant Expert in the South Salt Lake City as part of its provider program that connects local communities with top-level implant dentists.

Sandy, UT – Nov 1, 2018 – Tooth loss effects millions around the country.  Missing teeth are associated with multiple health issues, lower self-esteem and a myriad of other physical and social problems.  Fortunately, dental implants have been the prime choice of dentists for a permanent solution to replace missing teeth.  In the past, metal implants were the only option. Metal implants can cause allergic reactions, show thru the gums and corrode in the mouth.However, Z-SYSTEMS’ceramic dental implants are completely metal-free, strong, highly aesthetic and permanent. 

Z-SYSTEMS is a Swiss based company that has led the way in ceramic dental implant manufacturing over the last 15 years.  Their ceramic implants are made from zirconia which is metal-free, corrosion-free, naturally white in color and extremely durable.  Z-SYSTEMS was also one of the first FDA approved dental implants in the united states.  Not only an innovator in manufacturing ceramic implants, Z-SYSTEMS is also a market leader in both doctor and patient education on the health benefits of metal-free dentistry. In fact, the company has invested in and recently launched a new patient facing website that is educational and, also connects people interested in a healthier and more natural option for tooth replacement with expert dentists in their local community.

Dr. Scott Hamblin is well-known in the dental implant arena as a top clinician, author and educator on more holistic dental solutions.  Therefore, he was a natural choice as Z-SYSTEMS’ Ceramic Implant Expert in South Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT.  Dr. Hamblin only offers his patients the best products and services that will improve their smile, health and well-being.  Z-SYSTEMS and Dr. Scott Hamblin are a natural fit to partner and offer Sandy, UT a more natural option for tooth replacement.

Dr. Hamblin was asked why he chooses to partner with Z-SYSTEMS: “Titanium implants sometimes result in aesthetic issues. This is especially true for patients who experience gum recession or those who have thin gums. When titanium dental implants are put into place, the gums can appear gray. Zirconia is white and not a metal, so it can provide for a more natural look.”

To learn more about natural tooth replacement with ceramic dental implants, Dr. Scott Hamblin and how to contact him directly, visit www.CeramicSLC.com.

About Dr. Scott Hamblin

For more than 30 years, cosmetic, implant and holistic dentist Scott Hamblin, DDS has provided the best possible dental care to patients. He is the Ceramic Implant Expert in Utah and Las Vegas areas. He takes the time to connect with patients and listen to their concerns in order to foster a trusting relationship and deliver outstanding results. During each appointment, Dr. Hamblin fully devotes his energy and talents to serving each individual’s needs. Every treatment plan is customized to resolve one’s dental problems and meet their goals, and in all cases, he uses the least-invasive approach and highest-quality materials.

In 1981, Dr. Hamblin completed his undergraduate study at Brigham Young University. He then went on to Baylor College of Dentistry to earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Degree in 1985. Throughout his career he has dedicated himself to expanding his knowledge with extensive continuing education coursework covering the latest dentistry techniques and technology.

Along with holistic dentistry and advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures, Dr. Hamblin maintains a special focus on providing minimally invasive dental implant procedures, such as Teeth-in-a-Day, which he is both extensively trained in and accredited to provide. He also teaches these techniques to dentists attending courses at the True Dentistry training school.

Dr. Hamblin’s reputation as an expert in the field of cosmetic, implant and holistic dentistry has led to television appearances on ABC’s Extreme Makeover to create stunning smile transformations, as well as on Fox News performing live surgery of his minimally invasive dental implant techniques. During his career he has been named as one of America’s Top Dentists by The Consumer Research Council of America. He was also honored to serve as team dentist for the Oakland A’s professional baseball team from 1990 to 2002.

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