Freldo – Important Guidelines: What should one know before Investing in ICO?

November 01 16:30 2018

Investing is often associates with risk. However investor should analyze the project before investing, take risks into account, analyze prospective of the project and its idea, the payback period, monitor market situation, to get high level of income.

Modern investor looks for high-risk projects with high-income. ICO is one of that kind of projects. It’s important to be very careful when choose campaigns for investing. ICO is popular and lucrative mode of investment with high-risk level. Market is oversupplied with blockchain- startups, which in fact are scam projects who willing to get money only for personal interest. For newbie in crypto world it’s difficult to recognize reliable and successful project among hundreds of scammers. For this purpose it’s important to know the main features of good ICO which will help to do right choice.

Fake vs. Successful Startups

ICO as a new alternative method which can give significant income with minimal investments. But there is not fast money: to get honey pie, you need to work hard and be confident in project that you’ve chosen. You can watch through significant percentage of projects that don’t deserve attention. Among the remaining it will be more difficult to choose, because there can be fakes that try to mislead.

Fake schemes can be different of varying degrees of complexity:

– Elementary. It is easy to see even for amateur if he pays minimum attention to information that is published about the project. It is enough to look at official website, monitor activity in the social networks and you will easily find difference between fake and real project. Scammers don’t spend time and money for promotion and creating an working project or prototype. They invest minimum budget in hope to get high income.

– Middle. Here you can see the history of the whole team’s work, activity in social networks, but when after deep analysis you will find that its fake’s activity and the network is full of bots.

– Professional. Its scams where the experts work, they are attracted though the Media, they have meeting with businessmen and funds, you can really get in touch with project representatives. In this case, they use all possible channels to do their project prominent. It is difficult to figure out such project from other effective projects.

To avoid the fake’s hook, investors often take part in ICO pools, who verify ICO and help the investor to choose on a profitable investment project. ICO-trackers is another useful option to find good project. They publish full information about the popular ICO: actual, past and upcoming. You can not only choose the project that you’d like, but also analyze the possible success of projects. Trackers provide important data about the project and classify them according the possible risks.

Criteria for project evaluation

The full and complete information about project and its team is the base for your right choice. For what details should investor pay attention? First of all, its information about project’s developers and team, availability of public information about their existence and activities, achievements, presence in social networks and opportunity to communicate with them to be sure that they are real people.

The second very important moment is goals of the project. You have to pay attention to the market and development prospects, competition, the relevance of the idea and its viability. The project should have business plan and terms of implementation the idea. Be sure to find out what is final aim of the project — production of the new or implementation of blockchain technology to the existing business. You can see the perspectives and opportunities, read information on relevant forums, search for information about the project in the Internet. Also check the open code of the project with the history of changes on GitHub.

When you will collect the whole information, you can make decision and waiting for result.

Today Freldo — one of the most attractive and interesting projects, is running ICO, to improve their own social network and implement blockchain technologies and smart contracts for its users. Freldo network is successfully working since 2016 in USA and Canada.

The Development Team of the social network Freldo, aimed at optimize the processes of providing services on the modern market with help of association the small and medium-sized businesses and consumers, plans to make a revolution with their actions. Feedbacks and recommendations of customers of the service help to develop the activity of companies, and customers can receive a quality product / service at the location of the location.

The system is working, and any investor can try its effectiveness on themselves, and make a measured decision about investing.

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